• AD7794 what is the ID number within reg for AD7794 and AD7795?

    AD7794 what is the ID number within reg for AD7794 and AD7795?

    Could not find it in the datasheet!!!

  • AD7794: FAQs

    Is there any way of getting the firmware in the microcontroller to control the
    SPI communication (SPI-USB Bridge)?


    We cannot supply the source code for the firmware. This is a canned routine
    that we use.

    We have the LabView source code and…

  • AD7794问题





  • AD7794 采样零电平 值为0.6V


    现在能读取AD7794的寄存器的数据,跟手册一样, 当我将以系统地接到P5-,华东变阻器分压接到P5+, 发现0电平的时候采样回来时0.6V 。

    我配置是模式单次采样 PSW接地。  放大倍数为1 。采样频率为100ms.  

    如果我不接外部滑动变阻器,仅用1k电阻 接到P5+, P5- ,值是0.

    请问这个0.6v 怎么出来的

  • AD7794 External Voltage


    I want to use an external voltage of 3.3V for AD7794 to fully capture the signal.

    Which voltage reference component you suggest me to choose?

    And should I connect the REFIN- pin to the GND? 

    Thank you.

  • AD7794 registers

    Help me please.

    What is the AD7794 register be programmed first of all ModeReg or ConfigReg for single convertion?
    During the earlier thank you.
    That's part of my program in attach file.
    Sincerely Albert Nalbandian…
  • AD7794/AD7795

    Hi all ;

    I would like to design a loadcell reader and pressure reader; in   our old control card we used to use AD7705 ; but now I think AD7794/95 is better ; it is six channels ;

    I confused about which one is the 24bits resolution 94 or 95?

    other question…

  • AD7794: RMS noise spec

    There is an information in AD7794 Data Sheet: RMS noise: 80 nV (Gain = 64). And
    there is an information in Product Description and presentation about AD779x:
    40 nV (Gain = 64). What is true?


    The rms noise is 80nV when the gain equals 64 and the…

  • AD7794 Power-Down Mode

    How long does it take the AD7794 to be operational coming out of power-down down mode?

  • Offset value for AD7794

    I got some formulae for AD7794 to calculate the data register value using offset and full scale register values.
    When i applied the same values of offset register, full scale register, and mode of operation to my evaluation board of AD7794, I am getting…