• AD7794: RMS noise spec

    There is an information in AD7794 Data Sheet: RMS noise: 80 nV (Gain = 64). And
    there is an information in Product Description and presentation about AD779x:
    40 nV (Gain = 64). What is true?


    The rms noise is 80nV when the gain equals 64 and the…

  • AD7794 undocumented gain settings

    I'm interested in additional register information to the configuration register
    of the AD7194. It has 3 Gain bits to select the ADC input range. Is it possible
    to also use Gain 2 or 4 (I assume a value of 1 or 2 to write to the gain bits).

  • AD7794 internal short for debug

    I have a question regarding the AD7794 datasheet. On page 23 there is a table
    of channel select bits. For an input of 1000, the channel is states as
    AIN1(-)/AIN1(-). This will always be zero, so I wondered whether it is correct,
    or whether it…

  • AD7794 evaluation software sample limitation

    In Evaluation Board for the AD7794 (24-Bit, 6 Channels), when I use the AD PC
    software, what is upper limitation of sample size, that has to be entered in
    the "Num Samples" text box?


    The software can gather up to 65000 samples.

  • AD7794: NOXREF active voltage and temperature sensor calibration

    I've got the latest datasheet but there are still two unresolved problems:
    question 1:
    page 5 says, NOXREF is active when Vref is less than 0.3 V but page 20 tells me
    0.5 V. What is the real low limit for missing reference detection ?


  • AD7794: Hot to use the Eval Board standalone

    I am using the EVAL-AD7794/95EB board, and I can't setup a SPI communication
    with using an STR9-EVAL board , I am using the external power supply (5V) LED
    is ON (D1 is on when USB connected), I would like to know if ADC's SPI can be

  • AD7794 Bias AIN4


    I have a question regarding the AD7794-B. The 400nA/V Typ input bias current in ref 1 is too high for my application.

    This is why I had the idea to use AIN4 as my reference input (REF2), as this is an analog input channel and only has 1nA/V Typ…

  • RE: AD7794


    Apologies, I would re-direct you the community shown below.  

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  • AD7794 采样零电平 值为0.6V


    现在能读取AD7794的寄存器的数据,跟手册一样, 当我将以系统地接到P5-,华东变阻器分压接到P5+, 发现0电平的时候采样回来时0.6V 。

    我配置是模式单次采样 PSW接地。  放大倍数为1 。采样频率为100ms.  

    如果我不接外部滑动变阻器,仅用1k电阻 接到P5+, P5- ,值是0.

    请问这个0.6v 怎么出来的