• AD7794 what is the ID number within reg for AD7794 and AD7795?

    AD7794 what is the ID number within reg for AD7794 and AD7795?

    Could not find it in the datasheet!!!

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  • Some questions for your ADuC7026

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I came from you another site AD7794. And I got one source cord for AD7794's from you.

    We are controling for our product by your ADuC7026. So I refered your source code AD7794 to our development.
    The source code AD7794 you sent seem…

  • RE: connecting two 3-wire RTD to AD7793


    The AD7794 has 6 differential inputs. However, one of these inputs is also the exc current. So, one AD7794 can support 5 4-wire RTDs. An external mux is required to direct the exc current to each of the RTDs. The lowside of all the RTDs can be connected…

  • RE: AD7794 Evaluation Kit LabVIEW Source Code?

    Hello Mary,

    I use the AD7794 in the design of medical equipment. I really need the source code Labview AD7794 Evaluation Kit. I would be very grateful if you help me.



  • RE: AD7794/AD7795

    Hello Assaad,

    the AD7794 is a 24-bit part and the AD7795 is a 16-bit part. This is the only difference between the parts. Both parts have the same pinout and functionality.

    Four loadcells and 2 displacement sensors can be connected to the AD7794. For…

  • RE: AD779x Is there any brief comparision of features to identfy differences and similarities??

    Hi kellerman,

    AD7792/3 and AD7794/5, since they came from the same family, have comparable performance (resolution, rms noise, update rate, and power).

    Aside from more channels that AD7794/5 can accommodate over AD7792/3, it has CHOP DISABLE/ENABLE…

  • RE: ADUM5000 noise level

    Hi Peter,

    the AD7794 is a high resoluion device so a low noise supply is required for best results. The 5V from the USB is quite noisy. This is the reason why the AD7794 is noisier when the 5V USB supply is used. The AD7794 has been evaluated with low…

  • RE: AD7794 eval kit usb driver appears to be missing under Win7 64bit?

    Hello StephenL,

    the existing AD7794 eval board software does not operate on 64-bit systems. We are working on a 64-bit solution at the moment. When it is available, it will be downloadable from the AD7794 product page. The 64-bit version should be available…

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    2、2片AD7794能否直接和STM32F103C8的SPI口直接相连?(SCLK DOUT DIN CS\)