• AD7793 thermocouple multiplexing

    I need to connect 32 thermocouples to the AD7793 and plan to use a few analog multiplexers such as the ADG707.  Is it acceptable to connect the thermocouples directly to the MUX and then have the RC filter between the MUX and the AD7793?  CN66 shows 1k…

  • AD7793 Thermocouple measurement


    I've a problem with the AD7793.

    when i try to measure a thermocouple using AD7793 at the sample rates faster than 16.7Hz, then an slow rate sinusoidal harmonic noise appears in the waveform.

    For Example, if the temperature is 500 deg C,…

  • AD7793 broken issue

    Dear Specialists,

            We are using AD7793 to design PH meter +RTD detection, we refer to CN0326, and below is the schematic.

    During continually power on/down test for days, AD7793 is broken. We change it and do the test again, the issue still happen…

  • AD7793: Continous conversion mode

    On page 22 of the AD7793 data sheet rev A. one can read, that while continuous
    conversion mode ?the user must ensure that the data register is not being
    accessed at the completion of the next conversion, o else the new conversion
    word is lost…

  • AD7793 vbias failure

    I am using the AD7793 to measuring T-type thermocouples, the input circuit is shown in the attachment. I had two small batches of PCBs, one worked but the other wouldn't output Vbias voltage. After examination I discovered that the manufacturer had fitted…

  • Measure resistance with AD7793

    I am making a project using AD7793 ic . I am new to this ic. I want to measure the different resistance ranges. using the internal current sources of 210uA, 10uA and 1mA I have successfully measured the resistance range from 10 ohms to 100 Kilo ohms by…

  • AD7793增益问题


  • Correct setup for AD7793?


    I am evaluating AD7793 through the EVAL-CN0355-PMDZ board. In order to understand how it works I'm using the NO-OS driver found here and trying to interface it with an Arduino, but as far I can see, data is a little bit strange.

    When I execute…

  • AD7793 AVDD Monitor temparature characteristic


    My customers are considering AD7793.
    So I got a question.

    The AD7793 has an AVDD monitor function, which states that the voltage of the AVDD pin is attenuated to 1/6.
    What is the temperature characteristic (ppm / ° C) of this attenuation ratio?

  • Continuous Read on AD7793


    I have an 'Eval-AD7793' board and trying to interact through SPI interface.

    After configuring the channel, callibrated zero and full scale, and set mode to continuous conversion, single reads sequences are executed perfectly (as in figure18…