• AD7793


    I'm mesure 100 mV from Pt100. I set gane from 1 to 128 and using internal Vref.

    I recived such 16 bit digital codes from ADC:

    x1 - 5413

    x2 - 10819

    x4 - 11038

    x8 - 21722

    x16 - 25780

    x32 - 26957

    x64 - 28497

    x128 - 56952

    I do not understand…

  • AD7793 CS

    Using AD7793, What is the logic level of DOUT pin when CS is high.

  • AD7793 失真


    我最近使用AD7793 與 Arduino mini pro 作為高精度溫度量測。

    採用4線PT1000,5.1kohms 作為External REF(三用電表量測阻值為5.237kohms)。

    AD7793設定(Continuous read , Gain 4 , bipolar, external reference, current 210uA, update rate 4.17Hz)

    Arduino 程式碼與 Matlab 程式碼 接附上。


  • Help with Ad7793 code

    Hello I am using the AD7793 ADC for the first time. I am also using the EVAL board . I have downloaded the generic C codes too. I am not able to receive the data from AD7793. I want to interface the AD7793 with Xmega128 micro controller.

    Following are…

  • Question about AD7793


    I have two questions about AD7793. Please reply to me.

    Is there any problem in using the AD7793 in a vacuum environment?
    If there is a problem, please let me know the equivalent AD converter that can be used in a vacuum.

    I am conducting an experiment…

  • AD7793: SPI Communication Issues

    I am having communications problems with the SPI lines, and I can't fix them?


    The SPI interface can be particularly sensitive to interfering noise.
    The most likely reason for reading incorrect data from the AD7793 registers 
    is an extra spurious…

  • AD7793 noise and accuracy


    I have a couple of questions abou the AD7793. On page 3 of CN-0206, the resolution of the system  is calculated to be 0.014C. The p-p noise is stated as 6.6*0.088uV=0.581uV. But isn't the 0.088uV an output noise spec (per table 8 of the datasheet…

  • AD7793 AVDD monitor function


    My customers are considering using AD7793.
    So I got a question.

    #1 What is the accuracy of the AVDD monitor function?

    #2 How is the 1/6 attenuation done with the AVDD monitor function done?

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  • AD7793 latch up Effect?


    Did Anyone of you ever had Trouble with latch upo effect on AD7793 or does anyone know if there were already mades Latchup tests with the AD7793?

    Thank You


  • AD7793 thermocouple multiplexing

    I need to connect 32 thermocouples to the AD7793 and plan to use a few analog multiplexers such as the ADG707.  Is it acceptable to connect the thermocouples directly to the MUX and then have the RC filter between the MUX and the AD7793?  CN66 shows 1k…