• AD7793: Current output compliance voltage and impedance

    Here is another issue from the customer. They are using AD7793 , but found the
    output of current source will change according to the load resistance. But this
    only appears on the Gain setting =1 and 2 and the current source works well 
    when the…

  • AD7793: external bias voltage connection to thermocouple

    Do you have any schematic example to show the customer how to connect the
    external bias voltage during thermalcouple measurement?


    The bias voltage is brought out on AIN2-. It is then applied as a common mode
    signal to AIN1+ and AIN1-. With this…

  • AD7793 INL测试方法


  • AD7793 Voltage Reference

    Looking at Tables 5-7 of the datasheet for the external reference, how would this change if we decided to use a different external reference? Suppose we used precision resistors with low temperature coefficients in a voltage divider that yielded 150 mV…

  • AD7793 Grounding

    I apologize if this has been answered before, but I couldn't find anything that cleared it up for me. The datasheet for the AD7793 says the following:

    "The printed circuit board that houses the AD7792/AD7793 should be designed such that the analog…

  • AD7793 IOUT and AIN2+


    Referring to the CN0206 circuit note, what are the benefits to running separate traces from IOUT 1 (pin 4) and AIN2+ (pin 7) to the thermistor (R3) rather then connecting the traces at the chip and running a single trace to the thermistor. I imagine…

  • We clock the AD7793 with an external 128kHz clock which is derived from the microcontrollers clock.

    We clock the AD7793 with an external 128kHz clock which is derived from the
    microcontrollers clock. Therefore we expect no runaway effects between uc timer
    and AD7793 output data rate (10Hz by the way). But we see a difference in the
    DRDY signaling…

  • AD7793 freezes/hangs when attempting internal full-scale calibration with any Gain>1


    I am learning how to configure the AD7793, with the end goal being the measurement of a full-bridge strain gauge setup.

    Currently I am attempting to measure the voltage from a thermocouple, and have hit a snag:

    • When setting the gain to anything…
  • Question about AD7793


    I have two questions about AD7793. Please reply to me.

    Is there any problem in using the AD7793 in a vacuum environment?
    If there is a problem, please let me know the equivalent AD converter that can be used in a vacuum.

    I am conducting an experiment…

  • Correct setup for AD7793?


    I am evaluating AD7793 through the EVAL-CN0355-PMDZ board. In order to understand how it works I'm using the NO-OS driver found here and trying to interface it with an Arduino, but as far I can see, data is a little bit strange.

    When I execute…