• AD7793 thermocouple multiplexing

    I need to connect 32 thermocouples to the AD7793 and plan to use a few analog multiplexers such as the ADG707.  Is it acceptable to connect the thermocouples directly to the MUX and then have the RC filter between the MUX and the AD7793?  CN66 shows 1k…

  • RE: AD7793: REFIN pin draws 168 uA - is it broken?

    Hi AndreasKi,

    How come the schematic you attached shows a AD7785 being used, instead of the AD7793 which you mentioned?

    Assuming that it is just an error, and you are indeed using the AD7793, may I refer you to the sample circuit shown in page 29, figure…

  • AD7793 and use of Digital Isolator


    When ADuM5401 ( used for isolation of SPI signals between microcontroller and AD7793) output VISO is used to power both AVDD and DVDD of AD7793, whether ripple/spike, noise on VISO will degrade adc measurements?

    Is it advisable to use isolator…

  • RE: CN0326: Isolated Low Power pH Monitor with Temperature Compensation

    Hi Elico,

    Unfortunately the evaluation software was designed in LabVIEW, so we won't be able to provide processor code specific to this application.

    Here are some AD7793 driver links:

    AD7793 - Microcontroller No-OS Driver    [Analog Devices Wiki]

  • RE: Maximum data acquisition frequency of CN0172

    Hi Julia, the CN0172 is based on the AD7793 ADC, which has a programmable data rate of between 4.17 samples / second and 470 samples / second. Note that if you are reading multiple channels, you will need to consider the settling time, which is listed…

  • RE: Initializing the AD7795


    It looks like the ad7793 does have support for device tree, according to the github repo (see link below).  Am I missing something?  It looks like device tree support was added in 2014.

    linux/ad7793.c at xcomm_zynq · analogdevicesinc/linux ·…

  • URGENT: AD7793 replacement

    Does anyone know about an AD converter with the same pinout than the AD7793 but with higher sampling rate?

    AD7793 sampling rate goes up to 470Hz and this is kind of low for my application, I would need at least 5KHz.

    Thank you and best regards,

  • RE: Labview Source code for EVAL-AD7799

    Hi,  G.

    Yes you have made a good choice, AD7793 was designed for temperature systems. So AD7793 is an appropriate choice for thermocouple measurements since a bias voltage and an absolute reference are needed in this type of application and these are included…

  • AD7793 Internal Full-Scale Calibration


    Can you explain to me the operation of internal full-scale calibration in the AD7793 as mentioned on page 26 of the datasheet. Does the AD7793 perform a gain calibration for all gains? If so, what voltage reference source(s) does it use and how accurate…