• RE: AD7793 Grounding


    The analog GND and the digital GND must be tied at a certain point which can be close to the ADC. You can refer to the AD7793 evaluation board. 

    EVAL-AD7793 Evaluation Board for the AD7793 24-Bit, Low Power Sigma-Delta ADC (3 Channels) Data Sheet (Rev…

  • AD7793 Voltage Reference

    Looking at Tables 5-7 of the datasheet for the external reference, how would this change if we decided to use a different external reference? Suppose we used precision resistors with low temperature coefficients in a voltage divider that yielded 150 mV…

  • AD7793: Will the AD7793 ADC continue to sample when the CS is disabled?

    Will the AD7793 ADC continue to sample when the CS is disabled?


    In the sigma delta converter CS only influences the serial interface and the
    serial interface is independent of the sampling process. Conversion is
    controlled solely by the internal…

  • RE: AD7793 IOUT and AIN2+


    I guess the reason connecting them in a somehow 4-wire configuration helps minimize lead wire resistance errors. Though in application such as Thermistor the resistance values are usually higher, so a short lead wire errors would not add significant…

  • AD7793: FAQs

    We clock the AD7793 with an external 128kHz clock which is derived from the
    microcontrollers clock. Therefore we expect no runaway effects between uc timer
    and AD7793 output data rate (10Hz by the way). But we see a difference in the
    DRDY signaling…

  • RE: AD7793 freezes/hangs when attempting internal full-scale calibration with any Gain>1

    Actually what I am confused is why is it writing to configuration register multiple times. So for example the gain, reference selection and channel selection are written one line at a time. Which I think it just need to write all at once? 
  • AD7793: ID register

    I have just started to use your new ad7793. I succes me to read the contents
    of  ID register to 0x4B.  In the data sheet page 18 of 32  is the
    Identification number for ad7793 0xXB. what are X stand for.

    My next guestions is about how to setup the…

  • AD7793: Digital reading

    We have a data logger which measure temperature from one RTD  in 4 wire
    As AD converter we use AD7793.
    pin nb.4 from AD7793 (IOUT1) is connected to the RTD and function as excitation
    current. Output from RTD is connected directly…

  • AD7793: Sample rates

    I want to use the AD7793 in continuous mode. By using a 64 khz output from the
    processor, I will perform a periodic interrupt procedure to read the AD-data,
    without need to read the data ready information. Trying to calculate the
    period, I find…

  • URGENT: AD7793 replacement

    Does anyone know about an AD converter with the same pinout than the AD7793 but with higher sampling rate?

    AD7793 sampling rate goes up to 470Hz and this is kind of low for my application, I would need at least 5KHz.

    Thank you and best regards,