• AD7793: Will the AD7793 ADC continue to sample when the CS is disabled?

    Will the AD7793 ADC continue to sample when the CS is disabled?


    In the sigma delta converter CS only influences the serial interface and the
    serial interface is independent of the sampling process. Conversion is
    controlled solely by the internal…

  • AD7793: FAQs

    We clock the AD7793 with an external 128kHz clock which is derived from the
    microcontrollers clock. Therefore we expect no runaway effects between uc timer
    and AD7793 output data rate (10Hz by the way). But we see a difference in the
    DRDY signaling…

  • AD7793: ID register

    I have just started to use your new ad7793. I succes me to read the contents
    of  ID register to 0x4B.  In the data sheet page 18 of 32  is the
    Identification number for ad7793 0xXB. what are X stand for.

    My next guestions is about how to setup the…

  • AD7793: Digital reading

    We have a data logger which measure temperature from one RTD  in 4 wire
    As AD converter we use AD7793.
    pin nb.4 from AD7793 (IOUT1) is connected to the RTD and function as excitation
    current. Output from RTD is connected directly…

  • AD7793: Sample rates

    I want to use the AD7793 in continuous mode. By using a 64 khz output from the
    processor, I will perform a periodic interrupt procedure to read the AD-data,
    without need to read the data ready information. Trying to calculate the
    period, I find…

  • URGENT: AD7793 replacement

    Does anyone know about an AD converter with the same pinout than the AD7793 but with higher sampling rate?

    AD7793 sampling rate goes up to 470Hz and this is kind of low for my application, I would need at least 5KHz.

    Thank you and best regards,

  • AD7793求助

    AD7793 设置增益为1和2时好用,增益为4及以上就不好用了  我用的是的是AIN1+和AIN-  AIN-接地    AIN+电压很小  增益为4时为一个很大的数  增益为8及以上都是一个非常小的数 很奇怪 难道与共模电压值有关? FormerMember

  • AD7793


    I'm mesure 100 mV from Pt100. I set gane from 1 to 128 and using internal Vref.

    I recived such 16 bit digital codes from ADC:

    x1 - 5413

    x2 - 10819

    x4 - 11038

    x8 - 21722

    x16 - 25780

    x32 - 26957

    x64 - 28497

    x128 - 56952

    I do not understand…

  • AD7793 CS

    Using AD7793, What is the logic level of DOUT pin when CS is high.

  • AD7793 失真


    我最近使用AD7793 與 Arduino mini pro 作為高精度溫度量測。

    採用4線PT1000,5.1kohms 作為External REF(三用電表量測阻值為5.237kohms)。

    AD7793設定(Continuous read , Gain 4 , bipolar, external reference, current 210uA, update rate 4.17Hz)

    Arduino 程式碼與 Matlab 程式碼 接附上。