• RE: question on sampling ptc voltage using ad7793


    the voltage of our microcontroller is 3.3v (stm32f103). In order to use the same voltage, the hardware engineer thinks that the system can work normally only by reducing the reference resistance.

    In addition, we used 3 ad7793 chips. I plan to use…

  • Designing a temperature controller board using AD7793 and TM4C1294

    For the temperature controller board(TM4C1294) using AD7793,  we have done the below mentioned connections:

    SCK of AD7793 connected to PA2 of board.

    DIN of Ad7793 connected to PA4 of board.

    DOUT OF ad7793 connected to PA5 of board.

    We have connected 50K…

  • AD7793


    I'm mesure 100 mV from Pt100. I set gane from 1 to 128 and using internal Vref.

    I recived such 16 bit digital codes from ADC:

    x1 - 5413

    x2 - 10819

    x4 - 11038

    x8 - 21722

    x16 - 25780

    x32 - 26957

    x64 - 28497

    x128 - 56952

    I do not understand…

  • RE: Problem with ADuM6401

    Hello MsCantrell,

    Thank you for your answer and sorry for my late response.

    Yes, I have three devices on MISO line (EEPROM, AD7793, ADuM6401+AD7793). I have there two AD7793. One is isolated with ADuM6401 and the another one is non-isolated. I have…

  • RE: Can't read data from AD7793 with Linux driver

    Raspberry Pi 2 B/Linux kernel 4.9.x:

    I use

    linux/ad7793.c at xcomm_zynq_4_9 · analogdevicesinc/linux · GitHub 

    and ad7793-overlay.dts.

    * Device Tree overlay for ad7793


    / {
    compatible = "brcm,bcm2835", "brcm,bcm2708", "brcm…

  • AD7793: ID register

    I have just started to use your new ad7793. I succes me to read the contents
    of  ID register to 0x4B.  In the data sheet page 18 of 32  is the
    Identification number for ad7793 0xXB. what are X stand for.

    My next guestions is about how to…
  • RE: ad7192 linux driver: no device0 created


    We are looking into your AD7793 issue: Can't read data from AD7793 with Linux driver 

    I don't think that it's important what GPIO it's chosen as long as it supports interrupts.



  • RE: ADC7793 temperature mesurment.

    Hi, Anton!

    Вы имели ввиду скорее AD7793 ...

    So It think is AD7793

    There is any schemes, Figures 12; 20; 21, and varying input voltages at AIN1s & AIN2s may be helpful for.


  • AD7793 latch up Effect?


    Did Anyone of you ever had Trouble with latch upo effect on AD7793 or does anyone know if there were already mades Latchup tests with the AD7793?

    Thank You