• AD7793: Will the AD7793 ADC continue to sample when the CS is disabled?

    Will the AD7793 ADC continue to sample when the CS is disabled?


    In the sigma delta converter CS only influences the serial interface and the
    serial interface is independent of the sampling process. Conversion is
    controlled solely by the internal…

  • AD7793: Ratiometric output affected by excitation current

    The AD7793 hardware circuit: RTD (PT100) in a 4-wire, ratiometric configuration. RTD connected between AIN1(+) and AIN1(-) with anti-aliasing filter (1k x2, 100nf & 10nf x2). Rref precision resistor 4.7k (+/- 0.01%) across REFIN(+) and REFIN(-), and REFIN…

  • AD7793: ID register

    I have just started to use your new ad7793. I succes me to read the contents
    of  ID register to 0x4B.  In the data sheet page 18 of 32  is the
    Identification number for ad7793 0xXB. what are X stand for.

    My next guestions is about how to setup the…

  • AD7793: Digital reading

    We have a data logger which measure temperature from one RTD  in 4 wire
    As AD converter we use AD7793.
    pin nb.4 from AD7793 (IOUT1) is connected to the RTD and function as excitation
    current. Output from RTD is connected directly…

  • AD7793: Sample rates

    I want to use the AD7793 in continuous mode. By using a 64 khz output from the
    processor, I will perform a periodic interrupt procedure to read the AD-data,
    without need to read the data ready information. Trying to calculate the
    period, I find…

  • AD7793: SPI Communication Issues

    I am having communications problems with the SPI lines, and I can't fix them?


    The SPI interface can be particularly sensitive to interfering noise.
    The most likely reason for reading incorrect data from the AD7793 registers 
    is an extra spurious…

  • AD7793: Continous conversion mode

    On page 22 of the AD7793 data sheet rev A. one can read, that while continuous
    conversion mode ?the user must ensure that the data register is not being
    accessed at the completion of the next conversion, o else the new conversion
    word is lost…

  • AD7793 replacement

    Is there a replacement for the AD7793 with the same pinout?

  • AD7793: Current output compliance voltage and impedance

    Here is another issue from the customer. They are using AD7793 , but found the
    output of current source will change according to the load resistance. But this
    only appears on the Gain setting =1 and 2 and the current source works well 
    when the…