• AD7792 Configuration

    We are trying to use the burnout current sources to detect when the connected TC is open.  We set up the ADC to convert the incoming TC signal.  After successful completion of this conversion we turn on the burnout current with the same settings.  By the…

  • AD7792: FAQs

    Do I need to perform calibrations for each channel
    and do I need to do this each time I change channel?


    With the AD7792, there is no need to calibrate the offset as the ADC takes care
    of this. A full-scale calibration is required for each channel…

  • AD7792: Communication problems

    I have the problem that the AD7792 doesn't talk to me over SPI. I try to read
    out the ID register as a start. The /CS is correctly low, the read-command is
    transmitted correctly and there are clock pulses for the response but no data
    is coming…

  • ad7792 configuration problem.

    Hello all,

    now days i am interfacing ad7792 to mc9s12P128 freescale micro controller.

    here m faced lot of problems..

    such as adc cant't work on larger clock pulse(greater than 1M/s)

    my spi configuration is proper ways all requirements satisfies…

  • AD7792: On-Chip temperature

    We use AD7792 for our RTD measurement system. Page 4 (REV A datashee) show
    characteristics for "TEMPERATURE SENSOR". Could you please explain me what is
    this about ? Does it means that the chip has got an embedded temperature sensor

  • AD7792 Continuous Read mode

    Hi ,

    I have a question with regards to reading data in Continues Read mode on AD7792,

    As the data sheet states that "the data can be read only once and If the user has not read the conversion before the completion of the next conversion, or if insufficient…

  • AD7792 with I2C interface

    I was about to use the AD7792 when I suddenly realized that I need an I2C interface - not a SPI interface.   Any suggestions on what chip would have a 16-bit Delta Sigma ADC, with two excitation currents, three channels, an in-amp, an internal voltage 

  • AD7792 current consumption


    I'm DFAE in Japan. I received a question about current consumption of AD7792.

    We can find IDD current on the datasheet of AD7792. Is IDD the current of AVDD + DVDD? 

    The customer would like to know each current value of  the current of AVDD and…

  • AD7792 External clock

    I will use AD7792 with External clock.


    When changing MCLK, what would influence the special quality(without output data rate and notch frequency )?


    I'd like to estimate mainly by a product substrate.

  • Calibration of AD7792/93

    The AD7792/AD7793 provide four calibration modes that can be programmed via the mode bits in the mode register. These are internal zero-scale calibration, internal full-scale calibration, system zero-scale calibration, and system full-scale calibration…