• AD7792: Communication problems

    I have the problem that the AD7792 doesn't talk to me over SPI. I try to read
    out the ID register as a start. The /CS is correctly low, the read-command is
    transmitted correctly and there are clock pulses for the response but no data
    is coming…

  • AD7792: On-Chip temperature

    We use AD7792 for our RTD measurement system. Page 4 (REV A datashee) show
    characteristics for "TEMPERATURE SENSOR". Could you please explain me what is
    this about ? Does it means that the chip has got an embedded temperature sensor

  • AD7792: Single vs. Continuous Conversion Time

    Do you have any data on Single vs. Continuous Conversion Time?


    The conversion time depends on if you are using single conversion mode or
    continuous conversion mode. For continuous conversion the first conversion is
    available after a period of…

  • Long term drift of the AD7792 Reference

    Can you provide any information on the Long term drift of the AD7792 Reference?


    A typical long term drift figure would be 50ppm/1000hrs for the reference on
    the AD7792.

  • AD7792: AVDD monitor and temperature sensor channel

    We intend to use AD7792 in a new product and I am implementing the software
    that communicates with the AD7792. The only documentation I can find on your
    web site is the data sheet. I can not find all the information I need so I
    would like to know…

  • AD7792: Using multiple device on the serial bus

    I am currently using the AD7792 converter on a board together with some other
    devices on the common SPI bus, however when designing I didn't realize that the
    AD7792 will pull it's DOUT pin low whenever a conversion is complete. Wont

  • Common Mode Rejection of AD7792 Reference Parameter

    At what frequency is common-mode rejection(100 dB typ) of AD7792 Reference measured?

    Best Regards,

  • AD7792 readback is wrong

    i use ad7792 with pt100。

    the voltage of pt100 is 0.107V,

    7792 setting is  REF=3.3v   1/16, ( 0.20625v ) IOUT=1mA,

    But it“s readback data is always  half of 65536,

    It's wrong.I wonder know how.

    Best regards.


  • AD7711, AD7785, AD7792, AD7794 Specifications


    I would like to know MAX values for the specifications of the four ADCs below.

    Please tell me these value.

    ・ AD7711
    ・ AD7785
    ・ AD7792 / 93
    ・ AD7794 / 95

    ・ Offset Error (max)
    ・ Ofset Error Drift vs Temperature (max)
    ・ Full-Scale Error…