• LabVIEW Source Code for UG-827 Eval Board

    I have an application for the AD7791 and need to make use of the National Instruments USB-8451 module to run the SPI interface.  As a starting point for software development, could you send me the LabVIEW source code used with the UG-827 evaluation board…

  • RE: Wheatstone bridge sensor wire break detection


    Quite a few of our sigma delta ADCs have small current sources on the inputs so if a wire

    breaks, it will be detected.  See the AD7791 d.s. for example.

    Any other solution with comparators, etc. would be quite part-sy.


  • RE: 关于AD7795驱动问题

    暂时没有AD7795的 示例代码,不过如下链接有AD7792 AD7791的示例代码可以参考一下


  • RE: Looking for product longevity advice (Roadmap) with integration of Linear Tech

    Hi Phil,

       for ADC1 I can recommend to you one of the latest in the ADIs  SAR ADC portfolio, the AD4003 which I think fit the specification you've mentioned above.

       For ADC2 you can check the AD7789 or AD7791(on chip buffer). You may also try to have…

  • ADA4528

    前端电路用ADA4528 参考电路,只是把AD7791换成了AD7794,前端ADA4528放大的信号很不稳定、求工程师解答

  • RE: Ad7787 Questions on setup and usage

    Hi Alex,

    I do not have sample code for the AD7787. However, attached is some sample code for the AD7791 which is very similar to the AD7787. The AD7791 has one diff input only while the AD7787 has one diff input and one single ended input. However, the…


    Only in /home/mars/zc706/linux_from_scratch/linux-2019_R2/drivers/iio/adc/: ad400x.o
    Only in /home/mars/zc706/linux_from_scratch/linux-2019_R2/drivers/iio/adc/: .ad400x…

  • ADL5511

    We need a recommendation for choosing ADC for a Peak Power detector using ADL5511.  For 130MHz envelope bandwidth it's need adc
    with sampling rate greater than 130MHz, is this right? Or we can use for example AD7791 which has 120Hz sampling rate.

  • ADL5902 - Aging question: 0.8dB drift within 4 months.


    We observe in our system about 0.8 dB (30mV) drift in power within 4 months.

    We suspect that the failure is due to ADL5902.

    At the input of the ADL5902 is a 15dB attenuator and at the output, ADC AD7791 is connected with reference of 2.5V from…

  • 【ADI参考代码集!AD7192 AD7150 AD9912...】有更新!——2

    模数转换器 (ADC):

    AD6657 | AD7150AD7190 | AD7191 | AD7450 | AD7606 | AD7705 | AD7709 | AD7718

    | AD7719 | AD7730 | AD7734 | AD7746 | AD7780

    AD7783 | AD7791 | AD7792 | AD7794 | AD7862 | AD9272 | AD7192 |


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