• RE: The AD7791 is confused by the operation of SPI on several consumers

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  • [ad7791.c]Question about irq in ad7791_probe()

    Base on below link, we have a question about ad7791.c.


    Inside ad7791_probe(), we would like to know whether irq is transmit through SPI interface? Or a dedicate pin from AD7791…

  • AD7791 conversion latency and Differential input


    I have two general questions regarding AD7791 and other similar ADC convertor:

    1> Unlike other ADC vendors, ADI doesn't give the A-D conversion latency on the datasheet. Can somebody verify what the latency of AD7791 is?

    2> If AIN+ is lower…

  • RE: ADE7913 Linux driver


    There is currently no driver for the ade7913 unfortunately. If you wish to make your own I'd say the closest ones are the ad7124, ad7791 and ad7793 because they are built using the sigma delta module. But the register map is not similar at all…

  • RE: CN0396_example project

    Hi Dusans,

    The only current demo example of the CN0396 is using the ADICUP360, with the Alphasense sensor provided.

    For Raspberry Pi, Analog Devices has its own Linux distribution (called Kuiper Linux) we provide that include lots of Linux device drivers…

  • RE: EVAL-CN0216-PMDZ

    Hi Isao-san,

    I attached in here the schematic and BOM for EVAL-CN0216-PMDZ for your reference.



     PDF XLS

  • RE: ADC Requriement

    Hi Sharvy,

         The AD7791 is a good choice for your requirement and it has a buffer. For the AD7791 when the input buffer is enable, the buffer requires headroom. This means that the analog input must be at 100mV inside the power supply rails. The Ain-…

  • RE: EVAL CN0216 twice with Arduino

    In the actual version of the AD7791.cpp library on-line I don't see this variable - are you sure you use the latest version?

    arduino/uno-due-leonardo/libraries/AD7791 at master · analogdevicesinc/arduino · GitHub

  • RE: Mbed AD7797

    i found Analog Devices Team in Mbed community, i asked some people here but no answer, do you know this team? because this team make some libraries for other AD devices, like AD7791, but its no compatible with AD7797...