• AD7790

    Hello, we are three students participating in a AD-WE design contest. We are using the ADuCM350 Evaluation Board and some sensors including CO sensor CN0357. We are not used to work with this kind of componentes so at the momento we do not know how to…

  • AD7790 - current consumption -

    Hello I have a Problem with the supply current of the AD7790.

    I choose the device in fact of the low consumption , normally < 1mA.

    We use different devices on the SPI-Bus, which are selected with the corresponding #CS-Signal.

    Sometimes, after an…

  • SPI cannot get correct data from AD7790

    Hello, everyone:

         I'm using AD7790 for A / D conversion, and get data from AD7790 using the SPI function of STM32F103.

          I configured it according to its Timing Diagram. However, I could not get correct data from AD7790. I think I configured all the…

  • RE: Common mode vlotage of AD7792 AIN input

    Another issue is:

    This is the requirment of AD7790 Analog Inputs.

    AD7790 also have in-AMP, but looks this chip have no requirment for Common-mode voltage

    Could you introduce more details about the reason.

    You introduction will let me understand this…

  • RE: AD7790 sampling rate

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • AD7790: Serial Interface

    I am using an AD7790 adc for the analog input stage after an instrumentation
    amplifier. It is used for a digital sensor.
    Please write your questions or comments here: Our design now basically works
    okay but sometimes after powerup we…
  • AD7790: Shift signals

    Sensor output is amplified so that signal lies between -3 and +3 V. System
    voltage is 3 V, -3V available from a voltage converter.
    Is it possible in some way to use the AD7790 as ADC in that case? What other
    possibilities are there to…
  • RE: AD8495 to thermo couple


       There is a complete circuit solution using the AD8495 interface to the ADC. I can refer you to the circuit note CN-0271. Please refer to the link http://www.analog.com/media/en/reference-design-documentation/reference-designs/CN0271.pdf . The ADC…

  • AD7790数据转换时间的问题

    AD7790数据手册15页中单次转换模式中描述  ”AD7790上电,执行单次转换,然后返回关断模式。转换需要的时间长度为2*tADC。”这里更新速率采用16.6Hz,正常工作模式不分频单次转换的时间是多少?  单次转换的电压是哪个时刻的电压,时启动时采集到的电压,还是转换过程中电压的均值,还是其他?  这部分不太了解  希望能帮忙讲清转换的时间与采集电压信号位置的问题。   另外连续模式、连续读取模式  转换时间与电压信号采集位置是否与单次模式相同? 若不相同请说明一下,谢谢。

  • AD7790数据读取异常


    // ADC初始化,配置100Hz更新速率

    void AD_Init()




    // ADC 数据读取

    u16 ad_read()

    u16 RXbuf;
    EE_CS = 1;