• AD7789: External R-C

    I have a question about the CR circuit connected with the analog input of AD7789.

    Is the CR value of Table 14 in the AD7789 data sheet applied to the CR circuit type of the attached file?



  • decoupling the AD7789

    Hi Experts-

    On page 18 of the AD7789 data sheet it says that a tantaulm capacitor should be used for bulk decoupling. Can we use a 10uF ceramic cap instead? it has lower ESR. Thanks,

    -Tim Starr on behalf of JD@CE

  • AD7789 24bit ADC data register read issue (Arduino)


    I'm trying to use the AD7789 24 bit ADC with an Arduino, and I'm having an issue that every so often the AD7789 returns 0xFFFFFF when it shouldn't. This is for my EE senior design project at georgia tech, we're making a device that measures the…

  • AD7789 sensor 2.5V - all or nothing issue, 00..00 or 11..11


    I have a sensor that provides its value between 0.5V to 2.5V.
    I am using an AD7789 with 2.5V reference voltage (ADR391) to REF +, ref- grounded. (AGND = DGND = global GND)
    AIN- to ground
    AIN + directly to sensor signal

    When reading the result of…

  • RE: Current measurement on high voltage dc line

    Hi shichen717,

    I have calculated Rsense in 4.7Ohm and I can use an ADC (ex. AD7789 with AIN(-) connected to AGND) without input buffer. Do you think I could have any problems on low voltage with such a resistor's value?

    Could you please send me…

  • RE: Looking for product longevity advice (Roadmap) with integration of Linear Tech

    Hi Phil,

       for ADC1 I can recommend to you one of the latest in the ADIs  SAR ADC portfolio, the AD4003 which I think fit the specification you've mentioned above.

       For ADC2 you can check the AD7789 or AD7791(on chip buffer). You may also try to have…

  • [征文] IN118的基准源用AD的芯片,上面写着D6B,困饶我很久了 AD5312


  • ADI芯片辨识、型号查找


  • Sigma -Delta ADC常见问题解答

    ADI 拥有一系列种类齐全的高分辨率低带宽的Sigma-Delta ADC 产品,这些产品不仅集成了ADC,还集成了电流源、多路开关、可编程增益放大器PGA,模拟输入缓冲等等。

    附件中是 Sigma -Delta ADC常见问题解答 ,欢迎小伙伴们下载~~

  • Digital Interface FAQ - Sigma Delta ADC

    1. How does the serial interface operate?
    2. What is the recommended initialization sequence?
    3. Are there any precautions that should be taken to make the interface more robust?
    4. If the interface does get corrupt, what are the options to regain control…