• AD7788: FAQs

    From the specified common mode range it should be possible to operate the
    AD7788/90 on Vdd = +5V as follows:
    REFIN- connected to GND, REFIN+  conneceted to VDD/2.
    AIN- is connected to GND, AIN+ is the input for a voltage derived from Vdd by a

  • AD7788 Communication

    Hi all,
    I'm a student researcher with WPI's ARC Lab. We're a robotics research lab, and one of our research topics is the deformation of objects in a simulated surgical environment.

    I should move from the application right on to the question…

  • AD7788 replacement?

    Dear all,

    we have been using AD7788 16-bit sigma-delta ADC with great success during the last years. We have some new design in mind, so, just to be sure and since this part has been on the market for some time, my question is twofold:

    1. Is this part gonna…
  • About AD7788's reference

    Hi there,

    I have a question about AD7788's reference.

    The datasheet say reference should be 2.5V, but is it okay to supply 5V?

    Are there any negative impacts when referenc is 5V?

    ( I think it's okya to supply 5V reference voltage when VDD is 5V…

  • AD7788 increase the input range

    Good day!
    Read of theme "AD7788: Input ranges"
    I have a question to the expert answer.  In documentation for REF3040 I found a similar circuit.

    A specialist in the above subject, a similar connection recommended AIN- input to expand the input voltage…

  • AD7788: Using it with low Vref

    His question is on the specs in the datasheet:
    There is a Reference Voltage Range specified, from 0.1V to Vdd.
    1) Do you have any datas or an idea on the performance loss (missing codes)
    when he decreases the REFIN from the specified 2…
  • Continuous read - start and read sequence

    I am trying to communicate with it in 3 wire spi mode from a micorcontroller
    running at 16MHz. I am using the hardware SPI to communicate with the AD7788.
    My SPI clokc is running at 500KHz

    I am specifically trying to use the continuous…
  • AD549 Electrometer

    I am having trouble integrating the AD549 with a sparkfun arduino board. I am trying to use the AD549 as an electrometer and convert the analog output to digital using AD7788. I have not yet been able to get a code to work. Has anyone been able to get…

  • RE: AD7988-1, differential input, common mode rejection on VCOM

    Hi Karen

    Thank for the reply

    (1) The common mode rejection remains unclear when used with AIN- to 2V0COM and AIN+ to signal input. It is not quoted in the datasheet under this configuration. This apply to specific setup that I cannot use.  

    (2) The…

  • CMRR and PSRR parameter interpretation

    Our application is sensitive to offset voltage to keep leakage current
    measurement dynamics as high as possible. AD7788 specifies typ.<3uV offset
    but not input voltage, at which is measured. Could you specify it? If input