• RE: AD7787 AIN2 input voltage range

    Hi Jessica,

    The AIN2 input voltage range varies depending on the mode of buffer you select. 

    When the mode is selected to unbuffered, the AIN2 input voltage will range from 0 to 5v based on the VDD of your application. But there is some disadvantage of…

  • AD7787


    I am wanting to use the AD7787 for reading two single-ended signals, but one of the inputs is a differential input.  I am guessing I can tie the - signal to ground and simply drive the + input with my single-ended voltage.  i am hoping that by doing…

  • AD7787: Burnout currents

    I would like to know what is the use of the burnout current in the AD7787.


    The burnout currents are there to be used generally before a conversion, to see
    if the sensor is still present. It can be used for detecting short or open
  • AD7787 not working

    Hi people!

    I just bought an ad7787 and I cant get it running.I have read the code you attached but Im having some troubles understanding it, probably because my knowledge about C is not that good. Anyway, I have connected the device to a atmega1281 that…

  • Ad7787 Questions on setup and usage

    Hi people,

    I have just bought an AD7787 and am looking to interface it to a Microcontroller.   Does anyone have any example code for getting the device up and running. 

    I have had a look at the datasheet and there isn't a section with some example code…

  • AD7787的2个通道中的差分输入能否接成单端输入?


  • AD7787的2个通道中的差分通道能否接成单端信号输入?


  • AD7787linux驱动怎么改成单片机驱动


  • RE: appropriate ADC evaluation board

    Hi Jovialjha,

         Below is the short list of Sigma delta ADC that possibly fit to your requirement.

         ADI Sigma-Delta ADC portfolio range from 8bit to 24 bit resolution. And these parts are available with their evaluation board and software, you can visit…