• AD7787: Burnout currents

    I would like to know what is the use of the burnout current in the AD7787.


    The burnout currents are there to be used generally before a conversion, to see
    if the sensor is still present. It can be used for detecting short or open
    sensor inputs…

  • AD7787 AIN2 how to read


         Now, I use the AD7787 as a AD chip, the AIN1 channel is OK ,but AIN2 failed.

        The code is below:


        while (1)

             //read AD7787 calibration data
            ad7787_data_1 = AD7787_Read(AD7787_CH1);//AD7787_CH1= 0011 1000

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  • AD7787 AIN2 input voltage range

    If REFIN is tied to VDD on the AD7787, is the AIN2 input voltage range from GND to VDD (when configured as a unipolar input)?  Are there any issues with that configuration?  VDD=5V in my application.

  • RE: AD7787 not working

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  • AD7787的2个通道中的差分输入能否接成单端输入?


  • AD7787的2个通道中的差分通道能否接成单端信号输入?


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    I am wanting to use the AD7787 for reading two single-ended signals, but one of the inputs is a differential input.  I am guessing I can tie the - signal to ground and simply drive the + input with my single-ended voltage.  i am hoping that by doing…

  • Ad7787 Questions on setup and usage

    Hi people,

    I have just bought an AD7787 and am looking to interface it to a Microcontroller.   Does anyone have any example code for getting the device up and running. 

    I have had a look at the datasheet and there isn't a section with some example code…