• AD7780

    Started testing a new load cell and noticed that ADC results were odd:

    Weight (kg)    AIN (mV)   ADC 24bits (hex)

    2kg                    3.7mV               009752F0

    4kg                         6.3mV          00FFEC90

    4.1kg                    6.4mV            0082B118

    Above 6.3mV the codes appear to drop (excitation voltage is 3.24V).

    So looked…

  • How do i connect 12 ADCs of the part number AD7780 on one microcontroller and synchronize the readings?

    Dear Sir

    i am using the part number AD7780 its a moderate precision ADC which gives out a quite acceptable output for me and i want to expand my application as i want to put 12 parallel AD7780 to communicate with one microcontroller but unfortunately…

  • RE: I am using an AD7780 with a pressure sensor, a wheatstone bridge that puts out less than 10mV full scale. with a gain of 128 and common mode voltage of 1.5V I am losing several bits of range, is there a way for me to increase the gain externally

    Hi, Ron.

    Yes, you can provide an external signal conditioning circuitry (i.e. amplifier, etc.) to increase the transducer output signal. But this is only advisable when the internal solution does not meet your requirements. AD7780 offers integrated solution…

  • RE: Reducing EMI with shielding

    Hello Valentin,

    we did some EMC testing (radiated immunity) on some of our parts (AD7192 and AD7780). The application notes (AN-1186 and AN-1187) are available on the AD7780 and AD7192 product pages.


  • AD7780 only one conversation.

    Hellow. I'm reading data from AD7780. But I can read only once. Help me pls. The PDRST pin is always "ONE".

  • AD7780 vs AD7781 - load cell excitation

    Having studied the datasheets / user guides would like to clarify a few points:

    1) The difference between the AD7781(20bit) and AD 7780(24bit) appears to  be
    that in the AD7781 (20bit) 4 empty bits are appended such that the
  • 关于用AD70/015代替AD7780的问题


  • AD7780 non-ratiometric usage


    I'm wanting to use the AD7780 in a non ratiometric configuration which means that Vref does not equal AVDD. Page 3 of the datasheet says that the  Differential input Voltage Range = +/-Vref / gain when the assumption is that Vref = AVDD. Does…

  • ad7780 evaluation software install

    I am using XP 32 bit and have administrator privileges but I click setup and nothing happens.  downloaded software instead of using CD and same thing.  I see 32 and 64 bit files in the install folder.

  • AD7780 Output Code Format

    Hi dear,

    I am using AD7780 24-bit ADC for reading loadcell. But, not find the 32-bit output  value format of AD7780 in datasheet.

    And I am need data/clock timing information.

    My code is below. Where is wrong?