• AD7779 - RMS Noise data


     we are planning to use AD7779 for load cells output signal measurment. In our application an ODR of 100 sps is required.

    Are there available RMS noise data for such a range of ODRs values (let's say from 100 sps to 1000 sps). Unfortunately on the…


    Writing to a register (for example register CH0_CONFIG (addr 0x000)) can cause the device to raise the ERROR flag in the data status header. Reading GEN_ERR_REG1 shows it’s a MEMMAP_CRC_ERR. After reading this register once, the error is cleared; also…

  • AD7779 gain seems off by x0.5


    I have a problem with the gain of the AD7779. It appears we always get about half the value I expect to get.

    My conditions:

    - Dual supply; AVDD = 1.65, AVSS = -1.65V, IOVDD = 3.3V
    - Vref- = AVSS (-1.65V), Vref+ = AVSS+2.5 (0.85V) --> Vref+ - Vref-…

  • AD7779 sample rate twice as fast as expected (AD7779FMCZ eval board)

    I have the AD7779 eval board and have data streaming from the device to a microcontroller via the J1 IO header, but it seems the sample rate goes at twice the expected value, i am able to write to the registers and read back their newly stored value.

  • RE: AD7779 初始化问题。写寄存器失败。


  • RE: AD7779 MEMMAP_CRC_ERR Error

    I have not solved the problem yet.

    I am currently working on another project and the problem is on hold for a while.

  • RE: AD7779 MEMMAP_CRC_ERR Error abnormal occurrence


    We can link this thread on this (+) AD7771 MEMMAP_CRC_ERR problem - Q&A - Precision ADCs - EngineerZone (analog.com) just in case others will have similar issues you can use a single thread for this. 



  • AD7779驱动.h中include?

    AD7779驱动.h中 的include "gpio.h"和include “spi.h”从哪儿能找到?

  • AD7779, SPI mode, is SDO tristate?

    Hi Lluis,

    I want to connect multiple AD7779 SDOs together.

    When in SPI mode, does SDO operate as tristate? i.e. SDO is high impedance when the device is not selected?



  • AD7779 - Analogue and Digital ground plane


    Is there any advice / recommendation or application note available for the geometry and connection of separate analogue and digital ground planes when using the AD7779?