• AD7779, SPI mode, is SDO tristate?

    Hi Lluis,

    I want to connect multiple AD7779 SDOs together.

    When in SPI mode, does SDO operate as tristate? i.e. SDO is high impedance when the device is not selected?



  • HOW to analyze the data of the AD7779?

    Hello, I'm using AD7779, now I have a problem:

    here below are my datas got from ad7779,but I don't known how them mean, which channel ,and what's the Decimal data of them ?

    Looking forward to your reply
    thanks best regards!
  • RE: AD7779, SPI control and Dout

    Hi, you've previously answered a question about using SPI to configure AD7779s which are connected in Daisy chain and have confirmed that this is possible.

    I'd like to check/confirm one thing though... table 38 (and fig116) says Format0 should be…

  • AD7779




  • ad7779 Gain Drift

    ad7779 的Gain Drift是多少?中文手册与英文不一样。 

  • AD7779 internal reference

    While planning to use the internal reference of the AD7779, I left unconnected the REFx+ and REFOUT pins (and connected the REFx- to AVSS). Tha ADC looks to works fine, but i experience a very large level of input refered noise.

    Looking back to the datasheet…

  • AD7779 MEMMAP_CRC_ERR Error


    I found  MEMMAP_CRC_ERR Error after checking the register of AD7779.

    So, I supplied the 100 ms reset pulse after the power supply.

    However, it is still in error.

    After clearing the MEMMAP_ CRC_TEST_EN bit, the error condition was disappeared.


  • AD7779

    Please show me step by step how to calculate the temperature ADC7779 in celsius degrees.

  • AD7779

    When i read register CH0_ERR_REG,i found that:

    a、CH0-AINP undervoltage error,CH0-AINM undervoltage error,how can i deal these errors?