• AD7771 Phase Adjustment Question

    Hi everyone, 

    I am new in DSP. I have a problem when programming the AD7771. 

    I was trying to use phase adjustment for each ADC. However, the function only works when I set all CHx_SYNC_OFFSET with same number, other wise only smallest one work. 

    for example…

  • AD7771 - SPI data read and DRDY pin status


    We are currently trying to connect AD7771 over SPI and read data using sigma-delta SPI mode. The master SPI device is RaspberryPI. I would like to ask what's purpose of DRDY pin during reading data in this mode? Is it crucial to read data only after…

  • AD7771 phase adjustment problem

    Hi everyone!

    I use the AD7771 and I try to verify the phase adjustment between the 8 channels.

    After I write to the CHx_SYNC_OFFSET registers, I read them back and always read 0. Is this normal?

    According to the datasheet it is R/W.

    My settings:


  • AD7771 MEMMAP_CRC_ERR problem


    I use an AD7771 in SPI control mode and read the output data over DOUT0-DOUT3 pins.

    ADC data seem to make sense, however, in the header ALERT bit is always set to 1.

    The MEMMAP_CRC_ERR bit in GEN_ERR_REG_1 register seems to be set to 1 after…

  • SDP-CH1Z + EVAL-AD7771 - stopped working/Software can not detect SDP interface


    I have a problem with SDP-CH1Z with the connected AD7771 evaluation board. Dedicated software for AD7771 stopped detecting the SDP interface. When I try to open AD Evaluation software with properly connected boards I receive a message: 

    There are only…

  • AD7771 Crystal


    In the schematics from the evaluation board, the crystal is connected to the ADC with a combination of resistors marked as DNI. I would like to know in which condition these resistors, R66 ~ R70, are really needed.


  • RE: AD7771 SDO Output


    This thread is already supported by an ADI engineer in ( https://ez.analog.com/cn/data-converters/f/q-a/547630/ad7771 )



  • AD7771 single supply analog input range

    Hello, friends!

    I'm using AD7771 with an fully differential AMPOP. The ADC would be supplied with 3.3 V, Vref- would be tied to ground and Vcm would provide a bias for the AMPOP. In the ADD7771 analog inputs, there would be something like this:



  • AD7771 Reading Sigma-Delta from SDO line


    I've been working with the AD7771 ADC for an academic project and I have a question regarding reading the Sigma-Delta from the SDO line.

    I've been able to read the sigma-delta from the SDO line with an ODR of 16kHz. At the moment I am using…

  • EVAL AD7771 with EVAL-SDP-CK1Z - LabVIEW code?


    I'm interested in using a EVAL AD7771 with EVAL-SDP-CK1Z, but would like to write my own LabVIEW code.

    Does anyone have some example LabVIEW code or perhaps source for the evaluation software?