• RE: AD7771 phase adjustment problem

    Hi Sebastian,

    Sorry for the slow reply. I had to check this on my bench today. I just ran the evaluation board software, and there is no problem writing and reading the register straight away. Without toggling SYNC_IN.

    Your scope shot looks ok though…

  • RE: AD7771 Reading Sigma-Delta from SDO line

    Hi Jose,

    You are not missing anything. It is not possible to acquire data at 128kSPS through SPI.

    If you need the full ODR, you have to use DOUT interface with several output data lines instead of SPI that has only one SDO I'm afraid.



  • AD7771 MEMMAP_CRC_ERR problem


    I use an AD7771 in SPI control mode and read the output data over DOUT0-DOUT3 pins.

    ADC data seem to make sense, however, in the header ALERT bit is always set to 1.

    The MEMMAP_CRC_ERR bit in GEN_ERR_REG_1 register seems to be set to 1 after…

  • RE: AD7771 SDO Output


    This thread is already supported by an ADI engineer in ( https://ez.analog.com/cn/data-converters/f/q-a/547630/ad7771 )



  • AD7771 Crystal


    In the schematics from the evaluation board, the crystal is connected to the ADC with a combination of resistors marked as DNI. I would like to know in which condition these resistors, R66 ~ R70, are really needed.


  • AD7771 Offset Correction


    I am asked about AD7771 data sheet from my customers.
    Please give me the correct answer.

    My customer has read the AD7771 data sheet to learn about offset adjustment.
    Rev. A | Page 42 of 99
    An offset adjustment of −150 LSB…OK
    this number…
  • Using EVAL-AD7771


    I'm new using the EVAL-AD7771 board so I would like to know if you have a tutorial that would help me to get familiar with this board. I would like to be able to process signals from the AD7771 with a microcontroller by using the J1 connector, however…

  • AD7771 EVB Gerbers


    Could you please provide the AD7771 EVB Gerbers/brd for a reference?



  • AD7771 power sequence


    1) Is there a required/suggested power sequence for the AD7771?

    2) In order to save power (OPAs ea.) I like to consider shutting down the analog VCC while maintaining the digital VCC (approx. 5% duty-cycle). Is it ok?



  • Regarding AD7771 SDO Output


    Iam trying to interface AD7771 ADC in SPI mode with a microcontroller. I was able to communicate and read and write to the registers of the ADC7771. However, when given the command to read sigma-delta ADC on SDO , I get 0x8100 which means my ALERT…