• AD7770  Delay from SYNC_IN to first DRDY

    I'd like to know how to estimate the delay from SYNC_IN pulse to first DRDY. I guess it depends on ODR and mode. But the conditions of tINIT_SYNC_IN are only 16 kSPS, high resolution mode. And I'd like to know from what timing the delay have to be estimated…

  • Reading AD7770 SigDel-Data only via slave-SPI

    I would like to use AD7770 (in future AD7771) for reading Data of 4-channels (ch0-Ch3 with ODR to 32kSps) only via slave SPI (MCU will be Master , SCLK from 25-30 MHz)

    1. Can I read A/D-Data only for Ch0 till Ch3 without error of AD7770-functionality…

  • The AD7770 Another Interesting Part for Functional Safety Applications:

    The AD7770 has 8 simultaneously sampling analog-to-digital converters with each channel having its own mux, PGA and SINC filter. The AD7770 is specified down to DC. However what is most eye catching from a functional safety point of view is a 9th ADC, a…

  • How to control EVAL-AD7770 and SDP-H1 with .NET

    Hi All,

    I am using an EVAL-AD7770 with a SDP-H1.

    I'm wondering if there is a way for me to control the EVAL-AD7770 through C# or C++ in .NET

    Thanks in advance,


  • How to increase the sample number of the AD7770 evaluation software with high sample rate(32KSPS)


    I am using the AD7770 with its evaluation software for a long-term experiment and I cannot increase the  sample number at the sample rate of 32 KSPS since its maximum value is only 131072, which means I can only do the measurement with 4 seconds.

    Is there…

  • If AD7770 has Vss=0 and Vdd=3.3 can one connect the inputs with AIN- = gnd and AIN  = 1.65V±1.25V

    Trying to understand the input voltage ranges for the Ad7770/7771/7779 ADCs.  If I have bipolar supplies (±1.65V) then I can use either a single ended drive with AIN- = gnd and AIN+ = ±1.25V  or differential drive where AIN- = -AIN+ and AIN+ = ±1.25V.

  • 【工程师博客】AD7770功能安全应用的另一个有趣部分


    AD7770有8个同步采样模数转换器,每个通道都有自己的多路复用器、PGA和SINC滤波器。AD7770的额定工作频率低至DC。然而,从功能安全的角度来看,最引人注目的是第9个ADC,即框图底部的SAR ADC。

    图1 - AD7770功能框图

    SAR ADC的精度不如Σ-Δ ADC高,但它速度快,能在Σ-Δ通道执行一次转换的时间内转换其他8个通道的输入。这意味着您不必暂停其他通道的转换就能获得关于转换结果的第二看法。如果使用SAR ADC进行诊断…

  • AD7770评估板 可以写入和读取寄存器无误。但∑-△数据读取全为0


  • RE: AD777x ADC family


         I have question regarding the analog channels of the AD7770: are the analog channels isolated in AD7770? Can they be coupled directly with signals coming from plcs? Isolation aplifiers required for AD7770 if necessary?

    Thank you!