• RE: AD7770


    I apologize for the late reply.

    I think yo are correct that you need to drive the Start pin to control the sampling of the chip. Alternatively, I think you can use the DISABLE CLOCKS TO ADC CHANNEL REGISTER (register 8) to disable all channels,…

  • RE: AD7770-Working query

    Hi Lluis

    In datasheet of AD7770, crystal suggested is 8.192MHz. But we cannot find 8.192MHz in stock available in market. So please suggest any other crystal value we can use for AD7770

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    Abishek V

  • AD7770 Control

    HI ,

    In my application I need to switch the inputs  to the AD7770  after each conversion. During switching of the the input , AD7770 should be in idle state .Could you please  help me , which pins I  need to use to make AD7770 in idle state.

  • AD7770


         I have question regarding the analog channels of the AD7770: are the analog channels isolated in AD7770? Can they be coupled directly with signals coming from plcs? Isolation amplifiers required for AD7770 if necessary?

    Thank you!

  • AD7770 questions.


    I have two questions about ad7770.

       1. how long time to start and finish the conversion?

           'sar' has timing data(conversion time) on the data sheet, but no 'delta-sigma'.

       2. When does 'MCLK Switch Error' occur?

          I am trying…

  • AD7770-Query

    Hi ,

    1.Is this IC AD7770 SIL certified ? Can this be used for a design that is to be SIL certified ?

    2. Also can we sense 0-200 mA using an external sense resistor through this IC. If so, what will be the sense resistor to be connected? In datasheet it…

  • AD7770 Temperature Sensor

    I’m using an AD7770 as my main ADC on a custom board I’m designing. I’ve been playing with some prototypes and experimenting with the AD7770’s built-in temperature sensor. Using the code from ADI’s website I’m reading back some odd values for temperature…

  • AD7770 maximum range


    I'm using the Eval Board of AD7770.

    The maximum amplitude I can measure between AIx+ and AIx- is +/- 1.65V (dual supply operation)

    According to the AD7770 datasheet, he noted that the maximum amplitude is +/- 2.5V (according to table 11 of…

  • AD7770 Data output interface


    I have problems understanding data output interface on AD7770. Here is my ADC config sequence:

    08 8C (Channel disable)
    11 7C (General user config 1)

    13 C0 (General user config 3)

    14 82 (Dout format)

    60 03 (SRC N MSB)

    61 D0 (SRC N LSB)

    62 90 (SRC…

  • AD7770 ADC Error


    Kindly share the INL Error, Gain drift error and PSRR of AD7770 for analog input and voltage input

    Also What will be the adc error while using internal and external reference.? 

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    Monisha OM