• AD7770 Register Access


    We are facing issue in accessing AD7770 Register.

    We read the below register, those are all not in default state.




    Looks there is chip error and initialization…

  • AD7770 Transfer function



    AD7770 ADC data can be read by the following table given in datasheet


    Please let us know how can we calculate the ADC digital output code for the different voltage levels(2.1168V, 2.16V, 2.2032V)

    As per our design we are external Vref of 3.3V

  • RE: AD7770-Working query

    Hi Lluis PDF


    We are testing AD7770 by feeding 1.8V(Single ended) to AIN0+ and grounded to AIN0- and we are getting the output of 1.4V. Also when we feed 0.9V we are getting 0.7V.


    Please find the schematics of our design we have implemented


    Please let…

  • EVAL-AD7779FMCZ(AD7770) Query


     We are using EVAL-AD7779FMCZ evaluation board and SDP-H1 programmer board for testing AD7770 functionality. We need to connect a load on AINx pins which will cause some current to flow into AD7770 AIN pins. We need to check whether current is read…

  • AD7770

    Hi ,

    In our design We are using the  8 channel AD7770.  In our  Design  we need to switch the input to  the channel after each sample read. My doubt is how to stop/start the ADC acquistion.  Need to control the Drdy generation. Could you please provide the…

  • AD7770 Control

    HI ,

    In my application I need to switch the inputs  to the AD7770  after each conversion. During switching of the the input , AD7770 should be in idle state .Could you please  help me , which pins I  need to use to make AD7770 in idle state.

  • AD7770 Data output interface


    I have problems understanding data output interface on AD7770. Here is my ADC config sequence:

    08 8C (Channel disable)
    11 7C (General user config 1)

    13 C0 (General user config 3)

    14 82 (Dout format)

    60 03 (SRC N MSB)

    61 D0 (SRC N LSB)

    62 90 (SRC…

  • RE: AD7770-Query

    Hi Monisha,

    Yes, you can use larger reference voltage to increase dynamic range. Note aspec table is gathered using a 2.5V reference.

    If you are using bipolar supplies, VCM and GND will be at same potential given VCM=(AVDD+AVSS)/2.

    Software configuration…

  • AD7770 PIN Tolerance

    Hi ,

    I am using AD7770 For high side sensing(24V). Is the analog pin is 24V tolerant ? Or else we need to use voltage divider which will effect on accuracy.

    Kindly reply me.

  • AD7770 ADC Error


    Kindly share the INL Error, Gain drift error and PSRR of AD7770 for analog input and voltage input

    Also What will be the adc error while using internal and external reference.? 

    Warm regards,

    Monisha OM