• AD7768/AD7768-4 FAQ - Clock Selection

    The AD7768/AD7768-4 MCLK can be applied by using one of the three different options that are available to the user. The purpose of this document is to further explain these three options and how they are configured. The three options are: external CMOS…

  • Interfacing the AD7768/AD7768-4 to a microcontroller

    The AD7768/AD7768-4 outputs data as a master, meaning that the device continuously streams data and it is the user's task to read the data as it is output. Therefore the microcontroller that interfaces to the data output lines must be configured as…

  • ad7768-4

    Hi there,

    I have one ad7768-4 evm and trying to disable the precharge buffer. I have two differential input right now and I cannot turn off all of the precharge buffer. May I know how I can make the setup?


  • Evaluation Board AD7768-4

    I have to do mechanical experiment and capture 4 analogue signals.

    I plan to buy evaluation board AD7768-4 and use external processor via SPI as well as directly connect to PC.

    I need to understand if I may do what I want using evaluation board AD7768…

  • RE: AD7768-4


    The SPI control interface signals are composed of (CS, SCLK, SDI, and SDO) for reading and writing to the AD7768 memory map. The SYNC_IN pin is usually used if you wish to synchronize the conversions of multiple devices or to control the start of conversion…

  • AD7768-4评估板


  • AD7768-4: Initialing secquence in Pin MODE

    Dear all, 

    I am designing a circuit that drives only one AD7786-4 in Pin Mode.

    It is connected to a microcontroller and the connected microcontroller can get data in SPI Slave mode.

    We think that the filter setting and FORMATx setting for Pin mode operation…

  • EVAL-AD7768-4 Software Issue

    I'm using the software application for the EVAL-AD7768-4 evaluation board. Whenever I attempt to change settings on the 'Configuration' tab in the software I get a condensed pop-up window (except when selecting the 'Precharge Buffers' option) that won…

  • Measuring AC Voltages Directly with the AD7768-4


    I am looking to directly measure a [-2.5,2.5] VAC Signal with the AD7768-4 Analog to Digital Converter. My original plan was to have Vdd=2.5V, Vss=-2.5V, but I'm wondering how to wire the +/- Reference Voltage Inputs. Can I simply use the ADR4525WBRZ…

  • RE: EVAL AD7768-4 FMC SPI Lines


    Apologies for missing this item as looks like it was just transferred from a different community. I am not sure if I understand the question correctly. But on the board there are links settings wherein you can choose if you want to disconnect the…