• ADI's New 24 bit, Single Channel, Sigma Delta ADC with Power Scaling - The AD7768-1

    The AD7768-1New is a low power, high performance, Σ-Δ analog to-digital converter (ADC), with a Σ-Δ modulator and digital filter for precision conversion of both ac and dc signals. The AD7768-1 provides a single configurable and reusable data acquisition…

  • Ad7768-1 external component selection

    Just to help clarify things for me, I’m designing a circuit for a general purpose daq application (goal being lowest achievable noise from ~1ksps to ~64ksps) with the ad7768-1, ada4254, and TBD external reference. Looking at the datasheet for the amplifier…

  • AD7768-1 exit from continuous read mode

    In the datasheet EXITING CONTINUOUS READ MODE, I found the following description.

    "when CS is permanently tied low, write 0x006C to exit continuous read mode when using the 3-wire version of the interface."

    would you teach me what exactly I…

  • Ad7768-1 known responses

    Hello all. I’m trying to debug my spi COM configuration between my ad7768-1(s). Looking at the datasheet, addresses and sizes are given for VENDOR_ID, and CHIP_GRADE, but not the possible responses; with the exception of CHIP_TYPE. I’d like to confirm…

  • AD7768-1 evaluation board software

    Would somebody please tell me what the latest AD7768-1 evaluation board software version is? I find it nowhere on their website!

  • About AD7768-1 output data

    when the output code of the AD7768-1 is ffe5ca, what is its input voltage? how to calculate it ?use the equation of Voltage = ((Code – Midscale Code) × 2 × VREF)/224 ? in this equation , the code is twos complement or binary?thanks!

  • EXTCLK application for AD7768-1

    Due to some special demands, we need to use External XTAL.

    But we can not find the input voltage of EXTCLK. Could you help to check this issue on AD7768?

    Now our XTAL is 10MHz@0.8V, sinewave, low jitter and drift. We can not make sure it can work on…

  • AD7768-1 使用SPI接口有毛刺信号如何去除?

    我使用STM32F7 开发板直接焊线连着AD7768-1的评估板,我用逻辑分析仪测试SPI接口的通信数据发现有毛刺信号出现,我在有毛刺信号的Pin对地添加了一个82Pf的电容,情况稍微好一点了,如果再把示波器的探头加上去基本上毛刺就去除了。是不是我要把电容调大点才行?还有没有什么别的解决方法。

  • RE: newbie startup question AD7768-1 SW


    Hi Tom,

    Firstly, this is not something I have seen before. Fortunately a quick work around would be to export data to the clipboard and then paste this data into excel. 

    In order to get to the root of the problem, can you tell me what version of windows…

  • AD7768-1 的前端是如何采样的?