• How to measure a single-ended +/-10V signal with the AD7768-1?


    I have a DC-coupled +/-10V single-ended signal (max. 200kHz) from a high impedance source that I want to measure with the AD7768-1.

    Now I wonder about two things:

    (1) which will be the best OP-Amp solution to down-scale the single-ended +/-10V…

  • ad7768-1


    I want to use the AD7768-1 with 5V AVDD1 = Vref and 3,3V VDDIO.
    In demo-circuits the AVDD2 is connected to probably noisy VDDIO!
    Wouldn't it be better to supply AVDD2 from 5V over a R-C-Filter, that would lower the voltage to around 3V?


  • Can we configure the AD7768-1 as an ADC with an adjustable sampling frequency?

    Ask for your helping.

    Can we configure the AD7768-1 as an ADC with an adjustable sampling frequency?

    Can we directly switch the sampling frequency of the chip through the program? I mean don't change the external hardware device. Simply use the FPGA to…

  • ADI's New 24 bit, Single Channel, Sigma Delta ADC with Power Scaling - The AD7768-1

    The AD7768-1New is a low power, high performance, Σ-Δ analog to-digital converter (ADC), with a Σ-Δ modulator and digital filter for precision conversion of both ac and dc signals. The AD7768-1 provides a single configurable and reusable data acquisition…

  • EVAL-AD7768-1 external power


    What are the power requirements on the J6 connector (pin voltages) to power the EVAL-AD7768-1 when the VINSEL jumper is set to A (i.e. power input from Connector P6)?  Does both J6 and J5 require the various power rails to have the EVAL-AD7768-1 fully…

  • About EVAL-AD7768-1


    when i use EVal-AD7768-1, can i connect the Ain+ and Ain- together to test the noise of the ADC? would you pls tell me how to test the noise of the EVAL board? thanks!

  • AD7768-1 exit from continuous read mode

    In the datasheet EXITING CONTINUOUS READ MODE, I found the following description.

    "when CS is permanently tied low, write 0x006C to exit continuous read mode when using the 3-wire version of the interface."

    would you teach me what exactly I…

  • Ad7768-1 known responses

    Hello all. I’m trying to debug my spi COM configuration between my ad7768-1(s). Looking at the datasheet, addresses and sizes are given for VENDOR_ID, and CHIP_GRADE, but not the possible responses; with the exception of CHIP_TYPE. I’d like to confirm…

  • Ad7768-1 external component selection

    Just to help clarify things for me, I’m designing a circuit for a general purpose daq application (goal being lowest achievable noise from ~1ksps to ~64ksps) with the ad7768-1, ada4254, and TBD external reference. Looking at the datasheet for the amplifier…

  • AD7768-1 evaluation board software

    Would somebody please tell me what the latest AD7768-1 evaluation board software version is? I find it nowhere on their website!