• ad7768-1 pin mode question


    I am using  ad7768-1 pin mode to read conversion data . There is little information on this in the data sheet and no Timing Diagrams.So as I understand it, I input 32 SCLK signals to the chip after receiving the rising edge of DRDY signal. In the dc signal…

  • ADI IIO trigger AD7768-1


    I'm working on a zedboard-AD7768-1 project.  I've seen that the single-shot acquisition via /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device0/in_voltage0_raw is working.  I would like to get the buffered readings.  Almost all literature I've read about buffered…

  • Problem in AD7768-1 Zedboard Linux setup

    Hello Everyone and Good day.

    I'm currently trying to bring-up the EVAL-AD7768-1 FMC board in my Zedboard, and so I used the reference design from ADI here.  Both hdl and meta-adi repositories are used for this.  There is an existing .dts file for ad77681evb…

  • PGA for AD7768-1


    I have to measure +/-10V single ended signals up to 200kHz with the AD7768-1 (24bit resolution, 512ksps).

    Now, my customer asks for a PGA with gain = 1, 2 and 4.

    Which signal conditoning solution do you suggest that maintains the noise and distortion…

  • AD7768-1 问题



  • Using a single Reference with multiple AD7768-1


    I have a design that will use up to 16 (sixteen) AD7768-1 delta-sigma ADC.

    Due to limited PCB area, I would like to use a single reference for all AD7768-1.

    According to the AD7768-1 data sheet, the AD7768-1 has fully buffered reference inputs…

  • AD7768-1 strange DOUT behavior

    We are doing a data acquisition system based on the AD7768-1 and I’m seeing some strange behavior of the DOUT (MISO) line, that ultimately results an incorrect data acquisition.

    In some cases the DOUT line resets too early, leaving a really small…

  • AD7768-1 analog input overvoltage protection?


    - does the AD7768-1 have internal ov-protection diodes between the AINs and AVDD1?
    - what is the maximum rating on the current handling of these diodes?

    - I want to have AVDD1 = UREF = 5V. Is this allowed? Does this degrade performance somewhat…

  • AD7768-1 cannot be recognized by IIO oscilloscope


    I'm using an AD7768-1 board with zedboard.

    • I have installed the latest Kuiper image

    • I've copied the uImage and BOOT.BIN and devicetree.dtb to the main BOOT folder

    • Kuiper image is booting up but the IIO oscilloscope cannot detect my…
  • SNR of AD7768-1 with AD8250 at 48 kHz input frequency


    my customer asks for the SNR that is to be expected with the following signal chain:

    48 kHz input-signal ---> AD8250 ---> LTC6363 ----> AD7768-1

    AD8250 is powered by +/-15 Volt.
    The LTC6363 translates the up to +/-10V output from the AD8250…