• AD7768-1 Reset

    When in continuous mod, after power on, the converter waits for 24 CLKs to transfer the conversion result.
    The exit command 0xAD, should it be placed first 0xAD0000 or last 0x0000AD ?
    Or must I leave the continuous mode with 0x6C or is it 0x006C? (see page…

  • PIN Control timing - AD7768-1


    I am working on a project which has daisy chain of 4 AD7768-1 devices (PIN control, FIR, fast, decimate 64). Is the below the correct timing after powerup?

    1) RESET, SYNC_IN, WAIT FOR SETTLED CONVERSION (about 8500 MCLK, Table 17 datasheet)


  • ad7768-1 evaluation software - VI has an error of type 102208


    I have installed AD7768-1 Evaluation software from https://www.analog.com/media/en/evaluation-boards-kits/evaluation-software/ad7768-1-evaluation-software.zip

    No errors appeared during install, i have restarted windows after install

    However, when…

  • AD7768-1 Start up

    My hardware goes to a steady state of 0 output conversions.

    I have a +/- 2.5 V connection and the logic to 0 and -2.5V. SPI is connected through a level converter from 3.3V.
    CS is fixed low and reset is high. After voltages are started up and SYNC_IN has…

  • RE: CN0540 Default Settings and Continuous conversion; AD7768-1 Data Sheet error?

    The other question I'd have is what are the exact FIR filters that can't be used?  All or a subset?  Is there a datasheet error?  This question about the specifics of the AD7768-1 is probably best answered by the product apps engineer…

    On the data sheet page 55 second column row 7 said: Continuous conversion mode is not available as an option for use with the low ripple FIR filter.

    So, continuous mode is not for FIR filter?

  • RE: STM32+AD7768-1例程


    You can refer to the existing AD7768-1 mbed example project.
    Mbed supports a variety of stm32 boards.


  • RE: AD7768-1 strange DOUT behavior


    Have you seen this driver? 


    If you have any specific question about this you can ask someone from the Q&A - Linux Software Drivers - EngineerZone (analog.com) community…

  • ad7768-1 pin mode question


    I am using  ad7768-1 pin mode to read conversion data . There is little information on this in the data sheet and no Timing Diagrams.So as I understand it, I input 32 SCLK signals to the chip after receiving the rising edge of DRDY signal. In the dc signal…

  • ADI IIO trigger AD7768-1


    I'm working on a zedboard-AD7768-1 project.  I've seen that the single-shot acquisition via /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device0/in_voltage0_raw is working.  I would like to get the buffered readings.  Almost all literature I've read about buffered…