• ADI's New 24 bit, Single Channel, Sigma Delta ADC with Power Scaling - The AD7768-1


    The AD7768-1New is a low power, high performance, Σ-Δ analog to-digital converter (ADC), with a Σ-Δ modulator and digital filter for precision conversion of both ac and dc signals. The AD7768-1 provides a single configurable and reusable data acquisition…

  • AD7768

    Dear members,

    we use the AD7768 

    batchcode #1626 gets 5°C warmer than batchcode #1527 and consumes more power

    What is the difference?

    (same Code same PCB)

    best regards


  • AD7768

    HI Friends

    I am  using Spartan 6 lx9   FPGA   to program  AD7768 (Analog to Digital) using spi . From Fpga i am able to write into the spi registers but i am unable to read from the spi registers.

  • AD7768

    I want to deal with (AD7768) using (labview)
    Do I deal with (FPGA)
    Or (DLL)
    The example in the company is how it was built
    Of course (FPGA)
    I think it was built (FPGA)
    Does LapVIEW support this type of (FPGA)

  • AD7768


  • AD7768


    I would like to check in and see if I am NOT planning on daisy-chaining or using the synchronization feature of the AD7768, what shall I need to do with the nSYNC_IN, nSYNC_OUT, and nSTART pins?  Is there going to be any problem if they are just held…

  • RE: the SPI control of  the AD7768-4

    Hi liu23,

       Thanks for your feedback. Hope I can clarify to you about the AD7768.


       The AD7768 has two ways to configure its functionality and how it communicates. The can AD7768 can be configure via Pin Mode or SPI mode. Pin…

  • RE: How can I read data stream from SDP-CH1Z board to PC



    Unfortunately we do not share the source code developed for the AD7768 evaluation software. There are two options I would recommend you to pursue if you want to stream continuous data from the board:

    1. Develop some code on another board such as one for…
  • Using a single Reference with multiple AD7768-1


    I have a design that will use up to 16 (sixteen) AD7768-1 delta-sigma ADC.

    Due to limited PCB area, I would like to use a single reference for all AD7768-1.

    According to the AD7768-1 data sheet, the AD7768-1 has fully buffered reference inputs…