• RE: AD7768 input impedance

    Hi Manan

    you would need a driver to connect the electrodes to AD7768 and the high impedance electrodes cannot be wired directly in to AD7768


  • RE: ad7768-1 linux driver can not used on raspberry4b

    Any SPI timing waveform which follows the AD7768-1 SPI timing in the datasheet will be fine. You may make your raspberry4B interface to be compatible to the datasheet timing.

  • AD7768 Input Full scale power level in dBm required


    We are using AD7768 for one of our application. We require following things to fix our design.

    1) What is the full scale input power level of the ADC in dBm ,  this detail is not provided in the ADC datasheet. Reference voltage to ADC we are providing…

  • Ask questions about AD7768


      As you know, enable the CNV pin on the SAR ADC, it can control when it begin to capture signal accurately. But for AD7768 or other sigma detal ADC, Can it do this? If yes, how to do it?


  • AD7768


  • AD7768


    I would like to check in and see if I am NOT planning on daisy-chaining or using the synchronization feature of the AD7768, what shall I need to do with the nSYNC_IN, nSYNC_OUT, and nSTART pins?  Is there going to be any problem if they are just held…

  • AD7768 SPI interface

    Reference P50, rev B of the AD7768/AD7768-4 data sheet.

    This states that SCLK idles low and this is illustrated in figure 80 on P51.

    Why then does figure 79 on P51 show SCLK toggling  while CS is high ?

  • AD7768 CLK_MOD_DEL_EN register setting


    I would like to use the AD7768 in 4+4 chan interleaved mode do acheive near to 512ksps. Is it possible to use the CLK_MOD_DEL_EN setting to achieve this? What does this register do, its not described in the datasheet.

    Thank you.

  • AD7768

    Dear members,

    we use the AD7768 

    batchcode #1626 gets 5°C warmer than batchcode #1527 and consumes more power

    What is the difference?

    (same Code same PCB)

    best regards