• AD7768/AD7768-4 FAQ - Clock Selection

    The AD7768/AD7768-4 MCLK can be applied by using one of the three different options that are available to the user. The purpose of this document is to further explain these three options and how they are configured. The three options are: external CMOS…

  • Error building ad7768-evb project


    I'm trying to build the ad7768-evb project found on your no-OS git repository (master branch):


    I'm trying to build from bash shell and am following the instructions…

  • Interfacing the AD7768/AD7768-4 to a microcontroller

    The AD7768/AD7768-4 outputs data as a master, meaning that the device continuously streams data and it is the user's task to read the data as it is output. Therefore the microcontroller that interfaces to the data output lines must be configured as…

  • About EVAL-AD7768-1


    when i use EVal-AD7768-1, can i connect the Ain+ and Ain- together to test the noise of the ADC? would you pls tell me how to test the noise of the EVAL board? thanks!

  • AD7768 FAQ - What front end driver amplifier is suitable to drive the AD7768?

    There are many amplifiers suitable to drive the AD7768/AD7768-4. Choosing the most suitable amp can be a difficult task, especially when there are constraints on the system power. In order to achieve the lowest power and highest accuracy in a data acquisition…

  • RE: AD7768 MCLK duty cycle

    Hi Robert 

     DS says 12.2ns as minimum pulse width for 32.768M MCLK so it would be about 40:60


  • ad7768 with spi_engine core


    I have an application using the ad7768 where I want to offload streaming in the serial data from the ad7768 DOUT interface to an FPGA using the spi_engine IP (https://wiki.analog.com/resources/fpga/peripherals/spi_engine).

    I see you have an example…

  • RE: ad7768 not enumerated in iio_info

    The issue was that the apporiate dma engine was not configured in the kernel.  All the Xilinx engines were enabled, but not ADI.

  • RE: Sample acquisition using AD7768-1 link broken

    Hi Shivashankar,

    You can try using the 2019_R2 HDL with master linux and just modify the devicetree as following:

    --- a/arch/arm/boot/dts/zynq-zed-adv7511-ad7768-1-evb.dts
    +++ b/arch/arm/boot/dts/zynq-zed-adv7511-ad7768-1-evb.dts
    @@ -56,12 +56,12 @…

  • RE: EVAL-AD7768 Connectors


    This question has been recovered from a former ADI employee. 

    Hope everyone with a similar query would find this helpful.