• AD7768/AD7768-4 FAQ - Clock Selection

    The AD7768/AD7768-4 MCLK can be applied by using one of the three different options that are available to the user. The purpose of this document is to further explain these three options and how they are configured. The three options are: external CMOS…

  • Interfacing the AD7768/AD7768-4 to a microcontroller

    The AD7768/AD7768-4 outputs data as a master, meaning that the device continuously streams data and it is the user's task to read the data as it is output. Therefore the microcontroller that interfaces to the data output lines must be configured as…

  • AD7768 external clock check


    Would you help me about the Register 0x09[2] NO_CLOCK_ERROR function of AD7768.
    If the MCLK is not applied correctly to the ADC at power-up, this bit is set.
    Does this function work if the MCLK becomes abnormal after the MCLK is correctly applied and…

  • RE: AD7768 GPIO controller seems unused


    The No-Os version of the project does use the GPIOs (https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/no-OS/tree/master/projects/ad7768-evb/src)

    Moving the question to the Linux forum for comments.



  • RE: ADI IIO trigger AD7768-1


    If you have no "trigger" directory then the IIO device most likely doesn't need a trigger. Enable the channels that you are interested in by writing a "1" to the corresponding "_en" files in scan_elements/, then enable the buffer by writting a "1…

  • RE: AD7768 Dynamic Range vs. SNR


    I think the test conditions answered this question. The two setup is different in terms of the digital filter used and the type of input. They are both calculated based from the concept of a ratio of the rms of the input to the rms value of the noise…

  • AD7768 FAQ - What front end driver amplifier is suitable to drive the AD7768?

    There are many amplifiers suitable to drive the AD7768/AD7768-4. Choosing the most suitable amp can be a difficult task, especially when there are constraints on the system power. In order to achieve the lowest power and highest accuracy in a data acquisition…

  • RE: AD7768 full input range and simulation


    Have you seen this tool? There's recommended drivers there that may help you. However, if you have any specific questions regarding ADC driver or the tool, I would recommend to ask someone from the communities below as they may be able to assist you…

  • RE: Problem in AD7768-1 Zedboard Linux setup

    Looks like I've solved this.

    I changed the default device tree from this

        axi_spi_engine_0: axi-spi-engine@0x44a00000 {
            compatible = "adi,axi-spi-engine-1.00.a";
            reg = <0x44a00000 0x1000>;
            interrupt-parent = <&intc>;…

  • AD7768 input driver

    Hey everyone.

    I have an input signal spanning the 0 to 4V range.

    I want to drive the AD7768 over its full input range, which would most likely mean driving the positive input (AINx+) of the ad7768 between 0 to 4 when the input voltage is 2 to 4V with…