• AD7768/AD7768-4 FAQ - Clock Selection

    The AD7768/AD7768-4 MCLK can be applied by using one of the three different options that are available to the user. The purpose of this document is to further explain these three options and how they are configured. The three options are: external CMOS…

  • Interfacing the AD7768/AD7768-4 to a microcontroller

    The AD7768/AD7768-4 outputs data as a master, meaning that the device continuously streams data and it is the user's task to read the data as it is output. Therefore the microcontroller that interfaces to the data output lines must be configured as a…

  • If I enable the analog input buffers on the AD7768 (or AD7768-4, AD7768-1New, AD7761) do I still need an external ADC driver opamp?

    If I enable the analog input buffers on the AD7768 (or AD7768-4, AD7768-1New, AD7761) do I still need an external ADC driver opamp?

    The precharge buffers are not full buffers and do not replace the external driver opamp(s). Some further details on how…

  • AD7768 FAQ - What front end driver amplifier is suitable to drive the AD7768?

    There are many amplifiers suitable to drive the AD7768/AD7768-4. Choosing the most suitable amp can be a difficult task, especially when there are constraints on the system power. In order to achieve the lowest power and highest accuracy in a data acquisition…

  • AD7768 AIN input capacitance


    In an application with the maximum frequency of 1kHz can I connect ADA8418A current sense amplifier with just an RC filter to the AD7768 ?
    If It's possible without oscillation what is your recommendation.

    The ADA8418A datasheet states that the…

  • AD7768 unable to read channels 5-8


    I have an AD7768 8 channel device ( AD7768 BSTZ #2037 5029614-1 from digikey).

    I am unable to read channel 5-8. 

    Using the logic analyzer i seed that after the ADC is triggered, DRDYn is active for 32x8 clock cycles, but data is only in the first…

  • AD7768: EVB Source Code


    I want to test more function(and performance) with AD7768 EVB and need to modify its code,

    Does ADI can provide the AD7768 EVB Source Code and EVAL-SDP-CB1Z protocal to us?


    I also have this question.

    I have the AD7768 Eval board (EVAL…

  • AD7768 SPI Linux Driver not working

    I see that there are 2 drivers that can be used for the AD7768 zedboard reference design: one that uses QSPI (zynq-zed-adv7511-ad7768.dts) and the other that uses SPI (zynq-zed-adv7511-ad7768-axi-adc.dts). I am able to successfully get the first driver…

  • AD7768 SYNC vs. RESET

    The AD7768 is an 8-channel, simultaneous sampling Σ-Δ analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with a Σ-Δ modulator and digital filter per channel, enabling synchronized sampling of ac and dc signals. The AD7768 achieves 108 dB dynamic range at a maximum input…