• RC filter at input of AD7767


    We do have following questions for RC filtering at input of AD7767.

    Any of your answers, comments, or advises would be very much appreciated.


    We are considering to add 0.1uF capacitance for eliminating noise at differential signal…

  • AD7767 reflow lead free soldering possible?


    In data sheet of AD7767 on page 9(pdf) / 8 (footer) "absolute maximum ratings"(!) for solder temperature

    there is only written vapor phase 215°C and infrared 15 sec. 220°C. No information on reflow soldering maximum temperature and time…

  • AD7767 ADC - Driving Negative Single Ended

    Hello There

    In one of our designs, we used an AD7767 ADC, with its IN+ input tied to AGND and IN- tied to the Input from an Op-amp buffer.  We are getting erratic converted values from the converter.  There is a lot of noise and input kick-back.  Besides…

  • different common mode voltage driver and AD7767

    Hello together

    We want to use the AD7767 for our design. But something in the Data sheet is not clear for me maybe you could help me.

    The question is:

    The Vref of the ADC is supplied with 5V this means when Vin+ and Vin- are +2.5V we got a digital…

  • AD7767评估软件使用问题


    Header 1


    Time - Plot 0 Codes - Plot 0
    0 8393050
  • ad7766和ad7767有什么区别?


  • AD7767: Is it possible to get the FIR filter coefficients?


    I'm using an AD7767 in a stepped continuous-wave radar application. I am setting the system to a given frequency, wait until the radar reaches its steady state, and then take one sample with the AD7767. This process is repeated for multiple steps…

  • AD7767:  How is the maximun input current on the VREF  Pin?

    AD7767:  How is the maximun input current on the VREF  Pin?

  • 问题: [征文]求教AD7767量程的问题


  • RE: Data Acquisition Module

    Hi Sreeni,

    It really depends on the bandwidth of your measurement, power and the dynamic range you require.

    From the precision ADCs the AD7767, AD7767-1,AD7767-2 are devices which have been used for high dynamic range frequency analysis hook up to…