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  • RE: AD7767 SNR vs ODR

    Hi jcorao-san,


    Thank you for your comment.

    Now I understood that the decimation rate of AD7767, AD7767-1 and AD7767-2 are fixed.

    I will choose different type listed in the data sheet which you suggested.

    Thank you for your help,


  • RE: Data Acquisition Module

    Hi Sreeni,

    It really depends on the bandwidth of your measurement, power and the dynamic range you require.

    From the precision ADCs the AD7767, AD7767-1,AD7767-2 are devices which have been used for high dynamic range frequency analysis hook up to…

  • AD7767:  How is the maximun input current on the VREF  Pin?

    AD7767:  How is the maximun input current on the VREF  Pin?

  • is AD7767 SCLK need

    I will use AD7767 DAISY-CHAIN MODE

    I'd like to confirm only that a DRDY signal becomes Low first, so SCLK isn't kept.

    A DRDY signal won't be Low only AD7767 (A), is SCLK necessary?

    (SCLK is being always input in figure 37, but is it necessary…

  • SNR AD7767

    Hello together

    I have the Eval Board of the AD7767. Now I try to measure the SNR of the AD7767, but I get all the time 6 time higher values than in the Datasheet. 

    I have shorted the Input of the ADC.

    So my question is about the SNR, is this based on…

  • ad7766和ad7767有什么区别?


  • RE: Linearity Error AD7767

    Hi Johnny

    I tried your filter settings with 15Ohms serial and the 2,2nF to GND. 10nF was removed. The result looks very bad. Linearity error increase to 2%. Seems that my opamp isn't able to drive the ADC.

    I try to find another one with higher…

  • RE: MCLK supply for AD7767-1

    Hi, Tak.

    You do need a continuous MCLK signal on initial powerup. Synchronization features are implemented relative to the rising edges of MCLK. This is shown on Figure 5 of the AD7767-1 datasheet. The settling time is also a function of the MCLK frequency…

  • RE: AD7767 ADC - Driving Negative Single Ended

    Hi Ajith Peter,

       The AD7767 is a differential ADC, the input that the ADC is converting is the difference of the two inputs Ain+ and Ain- which the result of the difference ranges from +/-Vref. But another parameter that need to consider is the common…