• RE: Aliasing in sigma-delta ADC output?


    doesn't any one have a clue of that common principle?

    It seems that I have touched a sore point.

    Because even if there is no signal frequency in that range, there is definitely noise in this whole band,

    some which get aliased to near DC …

  • RE: AD7764 grounding in EVAL board

    Hi Abhijit,

    A single full ground plane is employed for the AD7764/5 evaluation board. Early in the development we decided to use a single ground plane - due mostly to experience on other boards where we had seen better performance when the largest whole…

  • IBIS model of AD7764

    I have gone through the website of analog devices, but was not able to find the IBIS model of AD7764 ADC. I was trying to perform the SI analysis at the digital section of the ADC with only the input load capacitance of the pin given in the datasheet…

  • Max-Min ripple required for ADC AD7764

    I wanted to know what is the maximum and minimum ripple required for the voltage pins AVDD1 and DVDD. We are trying to give 2.5V from the switch mode power supply but the AVDD1 pin is connected to the modulator.

    Kindly reply.

  • Photodiode amplifiers for 24 bit ADCs

    I would like to interface a photodiode transimpedance amplifier to a 24bit ADC (AD7765, AD776, AD7767 or similar). The largest source of error appears to be the drift of the transimpedance amp (TIA), rather than noise.

    We prefer to use a linear amplifier…

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  • 【ADI实验室电路合集】第2册PDF下载



  • Piezoelectric sensor signal conditioning


    I need a piezoelectric signal conditioning circuit with the highest possible dynamic range to feed an AD7765. The piezo sensor has a high leakage resistance of 20 GOhm. The signal has first to be impedance converted by a charge amplifier or an…

  • Sigma -Delta ADC常见问题解答

    ADI 拥有一系列种类齐全的高分辨率低带宽的Sigma-Delta ADC 产品,这些产品不仅集成了ADC,还集成了电流源、多路开关、可编程增益放大器PGA,模拟输入缓冲等等。

    附件中是 Sigma -Delta ADC常见问题解答 ,欢迎小伙伴们下载~~