• ADC Driver for AD7763

    I am using AD7763 and the input signal is coming from a Transducer.

    The input signal from the Transducer is a +-10V singled ended input and I need to covert it to a +-2.5V differential output before feeding to the AD7763.

    I have shortlisted ADA4941…

  • AD7763 with shared SPI bus

    Hi all,

    In my design two AD7763 are sharing the same SPI bus, as described at page 15 of the AD7763 datasheet (rev. B). I do have some question regarding the shared I/O:

    - Are the SCO connected together? If so, which ADC generates the SCO signal?

  • AD7763 noise free bits


    I have problem with ad7763. After designing PCB according with datasheet, I have only 14 noise free bits (measured with shorted inputs). Is it normal for this ic ?

  • AD7763 and EVAL-CED1Z

    For the AD7763 Evaluation board using EVAL-CED1Z:

    1) Is the USB port USB 2.0 or USB 3.0?

    2). Is a complete LabView driver available?

    3). What are the specific limitations of this Evaluation Module compared with a final production system?  We understand…

  • AD7763 Eval Board Noise

    When I power up the eval board with an analog front end I've designed, after about 10 seconds the Std.Dev figure jumps from around 1000 counts up to 5000 counts.

    Is there something about the AD7763 eval board and the CED1Z that could be causing this…

  • AD7763 Filter Download Question



    I am having problems downloading filters to the AD7763. I have tried the example in the datasheet (in Table 16) so that I know the checksum is correct but I am not getting the FILTER_OK or DL_OK bits set in the Status read (the other bits of the…

  • AD7763 Filter Download Problem


    I'm posting this a new question but it's really a continuation of the question I posted over 3 years ago under the heading AD7763 Filter Download Question (I wasn't sure if the old question would still be monitored).

    In summary we cannot…

  • AD7763-DRDY&FSO are always 0

    Hi !

    I'm testing a AD7763 now. I powered AD7763 , provided MCLK=20MHz and set RESET=1 SYNC = 1. I think that , without any other configerations, the AD7763 should works and have pulse on DRDY and other control pins. However, I find out that DRDY and…

  • AD7763 On board Diff Amp


    Can you confirm if the onboard diff amp is good enough to drive the AD7763, or does it require and external diff amp?

  • AD7763 - FSO, SYNC, MCLK Signals

    Hi Guys, 

    Just need some info on what signals are absolutely necessary for intefacing to a pair of daisy chained AD7763s, with an FPGA - in this application we are a little restricted on IO. 

    1. Is it necessary to use the SYNCn pin, is it the same (or…