• AD7763: FAQs

    As in the attached figure, the voltage at terminal A and B of AD7763 in our
    application can be -2.5V. Is this OK?


    The input can be at the minimum of -2.5V at the terminals A and B.

    This is because – the output of the differential amplifier VoutA…

  • AD7763: Power dissipation

    We are about to decide an A/D converter for one of our applications. One of the
    strongest alternatives is AD7763, but I have a question about this component:
    In the data-sheet junction-ambient thermal impedance is shown as 92.7 C/W. Also
    the part…

  • 关于AD7763


           我目前是把AD7763接到ADSP-BF531的SPORT0口上了,按照手册上的说明给A/D送设置数据,然后再接收它的数据,但是我发现在我刚送完Control Register 2的数据后还没有送Control Register 1的数据,A/D就给我往回发数据了,导致我开始收的时候收到的都是0。


  • AD7763 unstable SCO

    We have 6 ADCs on a board working in parallel.

    After writing c1, c2, gain, overrange, we do a readback to check if it was correctly programmed. Randomly some ADCs of the 6 (1..2..3 ) cannot be configured properly. We found that the source was a strange…

  • AD7763 - valid output data

    Hi all, 

    I am using the AD7763 in a two daisy-chain configuration with SPI interface. 

    By checking the status register value returned by the ADC, when appling a waveshape to the input I can see packet coming with not valid data (DVALID = 0). OVR is not…

  • AD7763 unipolar mode

    Can you confirm if there is a unipolar mode for the AD7763.  Can you find confirm that one way or the other?

  • AD7763 - Operating Temperature

    Hi There,

    In short - what is the typical operating temperature of the AD7763 when running in regular power mode (not low power mode).

    The long version - we have just received back loaded prototype boards for our project. Each board has 4 AD7763 ADCs…

  • AD7763输出问题


  • ad7763的SPI接口

    我想用NI公司的myRIO来驱动AD7763(myRIO内含ARM Cortex-A9和一个FPGA,通过labVIEW编程)。现遇到问题:myRIO提供SPI接口无法与AD7763相连接。


  • RE: AD7763 SYNC Signal

    Hi Jim_Jim,

         There will be some changes on the datasheet. Below is the recommended /SYNC timing diagram for the AD7763.

         The AD7763 goes to /SYNC  when the MCLK falling edge senses the /SYNC pin low. This resets the digital filter sequencer to 0. The…