• RE: AD7761 Vivado project


    We currently don't have an AD7761 reference design.

    We do have an AD7768 design, which at a brief look seems with a similar interface, maybe you can start from that (https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/hdl/tree/master/projects/ad7768evb) with…

  • AD7761 Unused Inputs

    I'm looking for recommendations for terminating unused inputs for the AD7761.

  • RE: AD7761 Vivado Project

    I noticed that this now  being handlled at the above community. 



  • RE: How to connect DOUT of AD7761 to UART

    Hi Kokubo

    i dont think it can be connected directly, AD7761 pushes a synchronous frame without any start or stop bit.

    we will need some converted or hardware in between.

    Maybe SPI is a better option?


  • AD7761

    Hey everyone,

    I just want to double check the daisy chaining mechanism of the AD7761. If i interconnect three of them in a daisy chain configuration, will all 24 adc channels sample at the same time or will i have to send a select signal to each ad7761…

  • AD7761 Synchronization

    Hey everyone,

    Just need to check a few things.

    How exactly is the AD7761 Synchronization done between multiple devices in a daisy chain. Does it matter if the clock arrives at different times to each device? If not, how do they make sure they sample…

  • AD7761 pinout

    Hey everyone,

    I just need to quickly check something.

    I'm trying to solder the AD7761 ADC and can't be exactly sure which pin is pin 1.

    Here's a picture of the chip:

    Here is the datasheet schematic:

    From the schematic, It seems the…

  • Ask Questions about AD7761


         About AD7761, I have some questions to ask.

    1. Table 3 and table 5 in the datasheet show that the minimum SCLK period is 100ns, does it mean that the maximum SCLK frequency is 10Mhz when the AD7761 used as a master or a slave?
    2. Table 3 and table 5…
  • AD7761 swap for AD7768

    Good Day all

    I have a design where we can use the AD7768 or the AD7761 for 16bit or 24bit operation. I am trying to see if there is a way of requesting the AD7761 or AD7768 to report what Device is populated that the firmware can switch between a 24 or…

  • AD7761 Pin control

    Hey everyone,

    I might be a little lost on the control of this chip. I plan on using it in pin control mode and standard conversion. Although the datasheet doesn't seem to mention how to actually start the standard conversion and stop it(I might have…