• RE: AD7761 imporve Synchronisation speed


    Hi EngJunkie,

    In order to drive the AD7761 and ensure stability of the driver amplifier you will need to include an RC on the input to the AD7761. You can take a look at this app note which is also relevant to the AD7761: AN-1384. There is a section on…

  • RE: AD7761 minimum low time

    Hi Engjunkie,

          The AD7761 can run at 32MHz but when using multiple AD7761 in daisy-chain will have different scenario. When several AD7761 connected in chain,  the output data will be pass to next AD7761 in the chain. The spacing and layout of the chain…

  • AD7761

    Hey everyone,

    I just want to double check the daisy chaining mechanism of the AD7761. If i interconnect three of them in a daisy chain configuration, will all 24 adc channels sample at the same time or will i have to send a select signal to each ad7761…

  • RE: AD7761 Synchronization


    There are several options on how synchronization can be done on AD7761, Synchronization section (P54-55) of the AD7761 datasheet discussed detailed information regarding this. The basic provision for synchronizing multiple devices is that each device…

  • AD7761 swap for AD7768

    Good Day all

    I have a design where we can use the AD7768 or the AD7761 for 16bit or 24bit operation. I am trying to see if there is a way of requesting the AD7761 or AD7768 to report what Device is populated that the firmware can switch between a 24 or…

  • AD7768 in place of AD7761

    Hey everyone,

    I just want to check. I've got a PCB laid out and I'm using the AD7761. I want a higher bit ADC and want to know if I can swap out the AD7761 for a AD7768. In other words are these ADC's identical in operation,size, pinout etc. Except that…

  • AD7761 pinout

    Hey everyone,

    I just need to quickly check something.

    I'm trying to solder the AD7761 ADC and can't be exactly sure which pin is pin 1.

    Here's a picture of the chip:

    Here is the datasheet schematic:

    From the schematic, It seems the…

  • RE: ad7761 input pin at 5V

    Hi EngJunkie,

      If I may understand it correctly, the input source that was connected is only in Ain0+ and initially the other channels 1 to 3 are zero but when re-activating the channels from a standby mode, channels 1 to 3 will have a 5V input voltage…

  • RE: AD7761 configurated as pseudo differential inputs

    Hi Roberty,

       As mentioned in the datasheet, the AD7761 analog input voltage from AVss to AVdd1. That means if for example Vref =5V and Ain-=2.5V. Ain+ can accept voltage swing from 0 to 5V (assuming Avss = gnd and AVdd1 = 5V). But the AD7761  will see…

  • RE: What is the maximum conversion rate of AD7761?

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    Thanks for your help; this clarifies my doubts.


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