• AD7760: Bypass Digital Filters

    Can all filters be bypassed?


    Yes all can be bypassed. It’s described as “Modulator Output Mode” in the


  • AD7760 at 5Msps output datarate

    I am trying to run AD7760 at 5Msps output rate, and are confused by the timing
    parameters in the datasheet.
    I run the converter at MCLK=ICLK=20MHz, How do I configure the timing?


    With regard to this mode. We have to look at the timing involved…

  • AD7760 Interface Timing


    Regarding datasheet AD7760, Rev. A | Page 7 of 36, timing diagrams are shown for Data Read (Figure 2. Filtered Output—Parallel Interface Timing Diagram) and register write (Figure 3. AD7760 Register Write) I have some questions.

    Question #1…

  • Datasheet error of AD7760 (Figure 55 Decoupling recommendations))

    Please see the following picture from Rev A of Datasheet of AD7760 (Figure 55
    Decoupling recommendations))  of figure-55. It seems that the PIN5 in the red
    window should be PIN6.


    Yes, it is a mistake, it should read Pin 6

  • AD7760 EVB & EVAL-CED1Z Contunuous Sampling at 2.5 MSPS

    I want to log a analog signal, and save it in a file on a computer.
    What is the maximum time the AD7760 EVB & EVAL-CED1Z can record at 2.5 MSPS?


    The AD7760 EVB & EVAL-CED1Z can take a sample set of continuous data that is
    500k samples…

  • Is there any chips like AD7760 which can bypass the decimation filter but also can be used on audio signal processing

    I need a 24bit ADC chip for voice signal processing and only need it for delta-sigma ADC. It is hoped that the chip can bypass the decimation filter of the ADC and output the modulated signal directly. I found AD7760 which can bypass decimation filter…

  • RE: AD7760 eval board software


    I believe this thread would help answer this query. 

    AD7760 Evaluation board & Software (2) - Q&A - Precision ADCs - EngineerZone (analog.com)

    In terms of the code, within the AD7760 evaluation board page we post the source code used by the…

  • Driving the AD7760


    I am using the EVB of AD7760. I would like to increase the gain of ADC driver to 5. Is it possible to change the resistor values in the driver network and get the desired gain?

    I mean making the ratio of R1/R3 and R2/R4 equal to 5. Reference page…

  • AD7760,DRDY always at low

    Hello, I am now working on a project development, using AD7760. Now I'm testing the AD7760 evaluation board. The power supply and clock of the evaluation board are normal. The SYNC signal is always high. My test process is to write reg2_add=0h0002, to…