• Problem with the calibration of ad7755


    I am a student and working on a project to measure the DC energy and power ICs AD7755 and I want to ask how to calibrate the integrated circuit I see that different combinations of outputs S0 and S1 and SCF to obtain a different value of the measurement…

  • 【技术支持】AD7755的pspice仿真模型



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  • Current transformer specifications?

    Sir i'm doing a project on energy meter using AD7755 . As i have to use a CT, i wanted to know the specifications of CT and also i wanted to know also where is that CT available...???

  • RE: ADE7763 VRMS read SPI

    I think your grounding of V1P signal has caused the problem. Kindly have a look at the attached schematic for an example of a shunt connection on a single-phase energy meter based on AD7755. I hope this is helpful.

  • ADE7755 Implementation

    I want to use ADE7755 for measuring power of an appliance/bulb. Under application notes I found a circuit for implementing a watt-hour meter using AD7755.

    Refer : http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/recommended_reading/815002980PowerTheoryNew…

  • List of Application Notes

    Item App Note Link Title Product
    1 AN-559 A Low Cost Watt-hour Energy Meter Based on the AD7755 ADE7755
    2 AN-639 Analog Devices Energy (ADE) Products: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) All ADE
    3 AN-564 A Power Meter Reference Design Based on…
  • RE: ADE7753 current sensors

    Hi Silviaing,

    The ground connection is on the phase because in a single phase metering application with a shunt, the ADE7753 is floating on the line voltage and therfore the ground connection is on the phase . On the evaluation board there is then isolation…