• CDC selection

    I would like to be sure I understand well the principle of the AD7746.

    I have two sensing capacitors with one plate in commun which is grounded. I
    would like to sense (C2-C1).

    Is that possible with the AD7746? I see that the AD7746…
  • RE: Capacitance level measurement

    Hi maxf75,

    For this type of application you want to use one of the following devices.  AD7745, AD7746, or AD7747 which are capacitive measuring devices.  You can do a search for each of those part numbers on the analog.com website, or by using Google.

  • Two capacitive input for AD7747

    I need two capacitive input for my application in using AD7747 for grounded sensing. The AD7747 only has one input and I wander if I can use the AD7746 instead. However, I'm unable to shield my setup well enough for floating sensing using AD7746 which…

  • Electrodes AD7747


    Is it possible to use only one conducting electrode and the grounded human body (finger, etc.) as the other electrode for the sensor?

    Thank you very much for your help!!


  • working of AD7747


    I am working with IC AD7747 to measure the capacitance in pf range. How does this work especially 24 bit sigms delta generator and CAPDAC part ?

    What is the internal circuit diagram of this IC?

    Thank you.

  • RE: EVAL-AD7747 Evaluation Board used with matlab/labview/python

    Hi QQ

    Attached are the source files for AD7747, but it’s evaluation software only and not guaranteed in any way


  • RE: AD7747 minimum I2C Frequency

    Hello Macduff,

    Can you confirm the rise and fall times of the clock edges? The AD7747 is specified for 3ns.



  • RE: AD7747 recover from power-down mode

    Hi Idowu,

         From what I understand is that you are measuring in single conversion and continues conversion and your getting good results. And then you power down the AD7747. Does this men that a full power down?

         Please try to do  reset on the part. It…

  • RE: AD7747 - Liquid Level Measurement

    Hi Everyone,

    I have worked with AD7745 (not AD7747) for a while.

    I guess that you use single-ended configuration for your liquid level measurement. If so, fluctuations of capacitance readings are observable. Capacitance (and, of cource, impedance…

  • RE: Vastly differing results with AD7747?


    Does this help at all?  The colored circles on the diagram match that of my original picture if it helps at all.  The ground of my power source is connected to the ground of the MEMS device which is also connected to the ground of the AD7747.  The…