• Extending the capacitance input range of AD7747

    In the AD7747 datasheet it is mentioned that the capacitance input range is ±8
    pF (changing), and it can accept up to 17 pF common-mode capacitance (not
    changing). Can this range be extended?


    There is a method of extending the capacitance…

  • 关于AD7747使用问题


  • RE: ESD Protection AD7747


    Regarding to the ESD protection for AD7747, I'm wondering if possible to use same ESD and EMI protection circuits which was illustrated on fig.48 and 49 of AD7150 datasheet?

    Using ultra low capacitance ESD protection diode  (<1pF) might be help…

  • AD7747 Temperature Correction

    The AD7747 capacitance reading varies quite a bit with small changes in temperature.  Is there any temperature correction formula or chart for the range of about 20 to 30 degrees C?  Or, must I determine some correction empirically?   Thank you.  (I looked…

  • AD7747 Cap Offset Calibration Register


    I have set up an Arduino to capture some data off an AD7747. I noticed that every so often the capacitance would suddenly decrease. I got the Arduino to read and print the value of all the registers of the AD7747 when each capacitance reading was…

  • AD7747 capacitance issue


    I'm using an AD7747 with a 25 pF cylindrical capacitor for fuel level sensing.

    My problem is, when left the IC to run for some hours, the capacitance read drift massively, about 3/5 the the scale range, so it's impossible for me to sense fuel…


    Dear Sir/Madame,


    I am writing to you on this forum to ask you support and help.


    I am using the Evaluation Board AD7747 (24-Bit Capacitance-to-Digital Converter )

    of the US company Analog Device, to read some capacity values.

    ( Datasheet: www.analog…

  • RE: AD7747 - C2D converter - Issue


    Is your query the same what these guys have?


  • RE: AD7747 Capacitance drift over time


    i did some tests on the eval board and for me the capacitance is not decreasing continuously. i measured a 4 pF capacitance for a period of 5 days and capacitance increases/decreases based on the temperature. Let me know your findings.