• AD7746 Software to interface AD7746 Eval Board with my own Application

    I'd like to be able to read the data the AD7746 Evaluation Board is producing
    into my own software,
    but I can't find any information on this?


    The evaluation system contains our CDC component, which we want customers to

  • AD7746: FAQs

    Is it possible to use an external excitation device to produce a higher
    excitation frequency i.e. 1Mhz with the AD7746 device? If yes, what would be
    the setup/setting/precautions needed to take note of? How would I calculate the
    CAPDAC value that…

  • AD7746 Capacitance



    I want to measure 4pF capacitor so should I use single-ended capacitive input?

    For this IC, should I need to program it?

    I would like to connect it to other microcontroller.

    Can I program the mcu to accept and retrieve the information of the…

  • AD7746


    I have a question regarding the AD7746:

    How to use eval-ad7746 to measure two capacitance values at the same time?

    Thank you

  • RE: AD7746原理图文件


  • multiple AD7746

    Hi. I need to measure several capacitances with high precision and some more with a lower precision. I though about including both AD7746 and AD7147 in the product. However, I think both converters creating an excitation signal at the same time might…

  • AD7746 Calibration

    I am working on a circuit design with AD7746. Now I am facing a problem is about the offset calibration. I write the register into calibration mode and when the calibration is done, the offset registers always shows zeros, like having never been calibrated…

  • AD7746