• AD7745/6

    I'm trying to understand the register map.

    The data sheet for the AD7745/46 only shows registers 0x00-0x12.

    The Register Summary in the eval software shows 9 more and documents them 0x13-0x1B, and then extends all the way to 0x30 undocumented with…

  • Can you give me an AD7745/6 Application Programming Interface for Windows?

    Hi ADI Expert,

    First question: can you give me an AD7745/6 Application Programming Interface for Windows? The official website only applies to Linux system driver code.

    Second question: can the data read by the evaluation software be exported? We need to…

  • Gain Error AD7745


    From Specifications of AD7745 Datasheet (Pg-3)
    + Gain Error: Typical: 0.02% of FS, Maximum: 0.08% of FS
    + If we take Full scale(FS) as 4.096 pF and Maximum Gain Error: 0.08% FS
    + Error: (0.08/100)*4.096pF = 0.0032768 pF

    If we take Application…

  • RE: AD7745 used via LabVIEW on a Win7 PC

    Hello, please could you provide full LabView project of the ad7745 evaluation board demo - capacitance/lnegth demo measurement? We would like to play a bit with it (to have bigger graph screens, add other functions..)  Both for evaluation purposes of the…

  • RE: AD7745 REF MAX Drift


    The 5ppm/C is the only drift value tested by ADI. The max drift value could probably near or a very minimal difference from the typical drift value.



  • RE: About AD7745 Digital filter etc


    The frequency in normal mode rejection is 60 Hz ± 1%, conversion time = 62 ms, 122.1ms



  • The state of EXCA and EXCB pin on AD7745

    I have a question the sate of EXCA and EXCB pin on AD7745.

    What is the state of the  EXCA and  EXCB pins when this pin dose not output?

    Is this pin high impedance then?

  • AD7745如何进行主动屏蔽


  • EVAL-AD7745/46EBZ Range Extension

    Dear Community,

    I'm using the EVAL-AD7745/46EBZ and I want to extend the capacitive input range as described in the AN-1585 to measure a capacitance up to 180pF.

    I followed the description and setup but range extension doesn't work.

    Following the…

  • EVAL-AD7745/46EBZ External Capacitance

    Dear Community,

    I'm facing some issues with the EVAL-AD7745/46EBZ capacitance to digital converter.

    I'm using the I2C interface of the AD7745/46 to write and read its registers.
    First I tried to set up the on-board "capacitance sensor length demo…