• Problems with AD7739

    Hello. I'm using ad7739 with avr through spi.

    In the communication pin DOUT AD7739 does not change its state (0 or 1 depending on the internal pullup microcontroller). Pin CS is low.

    Is there any idea , what's the problem ? Thank you!


  • AD7739 AIN Protection

    The AD7739 datasheet states that the device can operate with +/- 2.5 volt inputs.

    The Absolute Maximum ratings for the AIN pins are listed as -0.3V to AVDD + 0.3V which would appear to contradict the input voltage range.

    I wish to use the device with…

  • AD7739 problem

    Channel data registers are not sending correct data back when channel data register is polled. We tried at least 10 new ics they are doing they same thing. I have attached data from the logic analyzer. 

  • +/- 2.5V inputs on AD7739

    Hi All,

    I am looking into AD7739 for +/- 2.5V inputs application. I figured it out that if +/-2.5V on all AIN pins, the AGND has to be at -2.5V and DGND has to be at -2.5V also (The absolute limits for the device between AGND and DGND is +/- 0.3V, AIN…

  • AD7739  AINCOM端怎么接


  • S3C2440与AD7739使用问题


  • AD7739输出问题,值不变


  • AD7739 转换输出的电压值比模拟输入的电压小一个25mV


  • -Regarding AD7175-8 input range


     I have a query regarding the input voltage range of AD7175-8. In my first design, I have used AD7739 now I have to replace that with 16 channel ADC, so I choose AD7175-8.

    in AD7739 IC it mentions the input range +625 mV, ±625 mV, +1.25 V, ±1.25…