• RE: AD7738 Acquisition time


    For Sigma delta ADC we don't have an acquisition time as we specified the timing based on the settling time and selected output data rate which includes the sampling time. The ADC takes care of all of the timing and you just need to monitor the…

  • problem with the continous mode of AD7738

    I cannot read the status and data registers in the continuous mode of AD7738. The single mode is OK. On page 23 of the data sheet in fig.12 the value of the mode register for the continuous mode is wrong. Couldn't find errata for the AD7738.Any idea?…

  • +-60v量程多路AD电路怎样设计? AD7738








  • AD7738 examples?


    Where I can find some examples on AD7738 (connection, analog input reading)?


  • RE: Trouble Configuring AD7738

    Hi Scott,

    The decaying effect on DOUT is due to the pin going to the high impedance state and if not pulled up.

    The CS pin can be used to select the AD7738 as one of several circuits connected to the host serial interface. When the CS is high, the…

  • RE: AD7739 AIN Protection

    Hi Lyn,

    May I also suggest that you look at the AD7734 and AD7738 parts which may fit your needs.

    The AD7734 will accept bipolar signals using by it's internal biasing network. The AD7738 is similar in functionality to the previously mentioned part…

  • AD7738: Timing specs

    Please refer to Data Sheet Rev. 0 page 4. table: Timing Spec. What is the
    meaning of t9: will the DOUT be tristated 10 to 80 ns after SCLK rising edge
    sampling LSB, no matter if -CS is kept low? (t9 is referred to SCLK, not -CS)
  • RE: AD7738 SPI PIC18f2550

    Thanks a lot. That helps. Also, i am using the readspi and writespi function for spi communication via the PIC Microcontroller. writespi and readspi are the c compiler library functions for the pic microcontroller(PIC18F2550) for SPI. What i need to know…

  • AD7738参考电压




    we used the parallel port to communicate with the AD7730 evaluation board. Our more recent evaluation boards use the USB port. A microcontroller is included on the evaluation board and this microcontroller communicates with the PC and it communicates…