• AD7738: FAQs

    We would like read two channels: Ain0-Ain1 and Ain2-Ain3, Continous Conversion,
    RDYFN = 1. Figure 10 (AD7738 datasheet Rev.0) shows this example, but it is not
    described in the datasheet how to set it up. Can you confirm the sequence for

  • AD7738: Timing specs

    Please refer to Data Sheet Rev. 0 page 4. table: Timing Spec. What is the
    meaning of t9: will the DOUT be tristated 10 to 80 ns after SCLK rising edge
    sampling LSB, no matter if -CS is kept low? (t9 is referred to SCLK, not -CS)
    Does it apply…

  • AD7738 examples?


    Where I can find some examples on AD7738 (connection, analog input reading)?


  • Trouble Configuring AD7738

    Hi all,

    First time poster here, long time chip user. 

    I'm having some trouble getting my AD7738 to work (I do not have the eval kit).

    I am not seeing anything on my DOUT.  Below is an view of DOUT, DIN, RDY, and CS.

    to configure it I am sending…

  • AD7738 Acquisition time

    In one of my design, we are using AD7738. What is the acquisition time of this converter? How to calculate the acquisition time of sigma-delta ADC.

  • AD7738 SPI PIC18f2550

    Hi. I am using AD7738 which is SPI interfaced to PIC microcontroller. pic18f2550. To establish SPI communication(24 bit conversion), can you please tell me the sequence in which specific registers of AD7738 have to be configured, to write SPI commands…

  • AD7738参考电压


  • AD7738: Reading channel data register

    Please confirm that the Channel data registers are read out Most Significant
    Byte first across the serial link.


    Correct, the Most Significant Bit goes first and if the register is more than
    one byte, then the Most Significant Byte goes first…

  • AD7738 启动转换问题




    1. AD7738的电路原理图:

    2. AD7738的寄存器配置:

    为验证寄存器的数值被正确写入,读取寄存器的数值如下图(根据Mode Register寄存器的描述,读取各个通道的该寄存器应该读取38h地址):



         在读取Channel Data寄存器(09h)之前需要检查标志位,即ADC Status(04h):RDY1为低电平0…

  • AD7738 Zero and Full scale System Calibration

    AD7738 circuit details:

    REFIN+ and AINCOM connected to 2.5V reference, REFIN- connected to ground.

    Analog input voltage ranges selected as +/- 1.25V.


    AVDD connected to 5V

    What is the range (min and max) of external…