• RE: AD7734 Init() failure from the generic drivers provided AD7734.

    Which carrier/ board are you using?

    We have some examples for some hosts/carriers like Zynq, RPi, Arduino.

    I took a look at the AD7734 generic code, and that one doesn't seem to implement SPI. Which means it should be carrier/host specific.

  • Using AD7734 board with LabView ?


    I am new to Analog Device boards,

    We have AD7734 evaluation board and I was wondering if i can use it with LabView ?

    If not, how can use this board with iMac ?

    Thank you

  • Calibration procedure for AD7734


    I have AD7734 Evaluation board.I connected external microcontroller.Iam able to read the sensor digital output.The sensor analog output  value with a multimeter and the sensor output after the ADC conversion values are not getting same.I feel the ADC…

  • Eval AD7734 Init() failure

    Hi,Im a new bee to coding, I have EVAL-AD7734 board with me.I downliaded genericdrivers AD7734.h and AD7734.C files.When I try to understand the Init() function, it always go to the unsuccessfull status 0X00.Please anyone make me understand.I even got…

  • AD7734 sampling rate


    I'm using an AD7734 ADC to take sensor readings but the sampling rates I'm getting from it seem to be slower than indicated on the datasheet for a given filter word. Shown in the table are the specced conversion times and the conversion times I have…

  • RE: Communication Problems with AD7734

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  • RE: Single conversion mode in AD7734

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  • EVAL AD7734 not able to access through my PC


    I connected +5v and ground of external power supply to DVDD and DGND of the Evaluation kit respectively.I opened Easy start application then I selected the com port 1 and when i tried to follow next instruction to reset the board ,I got an error showing…

  • AD7734烧芯片




    I am using all the 4 channel of AD7734  ADC .

    When I vary any  channel input voltage  it gets reflected in the other channel.

    Following are the configuration value of the ADC 

    REG (28H - 2BH) : 0AH           //CH Enabled and ADC range  -5 to 5 Volt

    REG (30H…