• AD7734 Init() failure from the generic drivers provided AD7734.


    I could able to read data using EVALAD7734 board.I wanted to connect the board to external controller and read the data.For that I closed the link LK28.I accessed the MISO,MOSI,SCLK from the J3 and connected to my external controller.

    As mentioned…

  • AD7734 sampling rate


    I'm using an AD7734 ADC to take sensor readings but the sampling rates I'm getting from it seem to be slower than indicated on the datasheet for a given filter word. Shown in the table are the specced conversion times and the conversion times I have…

  • AD7734烧芯片


  • AD7734 Evaluation Board Connections


    I received an AD7734 evaluation board and I am wondering about connections for AVDD, DVDD, AGND, and DGND. I see that both analog and digital vdd's are tied together on the board, and both grounds are tied together as well. Could I simply supply…

  • AD7734 crystal values


    I want to use a resonator for the AD7734, to reduce component count, but can't get any 6.144 MHz, as per recommended circuit. What other values of crystals are acceptable by the chip?


  • AD7734 sampling speed

    Hi! I am using 4-Channel, ±10 V Input Range, High Throughput, 24-Bit ( AD7734 )


    What will be the sampling frequency if i enable all 4 channels for reading data?

    What will be the sampling frequency if i enable a single for reading data?


    If someone…

  • AD7734 Channel Delay

    I am currently using the AD7734 evaluation board for some testing. I am feeding a sine wave through a first order low pass filter and feeding both the input and output of the filter through the A/D and measuring phase delay. I designed my filter to have…

  • Single conversion mode in AD7734

    HI all,

    I am new to AD7734 device. I am trying to implement single conversion mode in AD7734. ADC is interfaced using SPI.

    I am sending the following commands to ADC 0x384A, 0x394A, 0x3A4A.  As per this configuration, I am initiating the single conversion…

  • Eval AD7734 Init() failure

    Hi,Im a new bee to coding, I have EVAL-AD7734 board with me.I downliaded genericdrivers AD7734.h and AD7734.C files.When I try to understand the Init() function, it always go to the unsuccessfull status 0X00.Please anyone make me understand.I even got…

  • AD7734 Nominal Input Voltage Range


    I was using AD7734 in 0 to +5v mode with CLAMP = 1. It was working nicely.

    However, I changed the configuration to CLAMP = 0 and I get only 0000s when I send negative voltages. The sign bit behaves correctly, but the negative results are clamped…