• AD7732 - basic functionality question

    [Q1]  AD7732 channel 1

    I'm looking at using the AD7732 (2-Channel, ±10 V Input Range, High Throughput,
    24-Bit Σ-Δ ADC) for an application with a 5V Hall Sensor.

    We want to connect the Hall Sensor output directly to the AD7732.

    The Hall Sensor is…

  • AD7732 Reading and Calibration Problems


    Recently im working on a AD7732 ADC.

    I have some problems in "Reading the input Voltage"

    The Registers are set like this:

    24 bit , Channel 0 , +-5 V ,  Mode : ADC Zero Scale Self Calibration.  And Bias0- Bias0+ are connected to ref +2.5…

  • An issue about AD7732

    Dear  Sir/Madam,


    When i use the AD7732, the part always work under  "no data read" status as figure 21 shows. And i wonder what is the mean for this status, and how to work under continuous  read mode.


  • EVAL-AD7732/4/8/9

    Is it possible to connect an external microcontroller to the EVAL-AD7734? If
    so, how can I disable the internal ADuC824BS controller?


    Two possible ways to implement external microcontroller communications are:

    1. If you want to drive…
  • Circuit diagram for AD7732 EVAL Board

    Can anyone send me circuit diagram for the AD7732 EVAL board I do not see one in AD website. They simply point to AD7732 datasheet.


  • AD7732 RDYFN and sampling rate issues


    I have been using the AD7732 for a while now with a single channel enabled with no issues. Now I changed my code to use both channels and I ran into issues. In all of these cases I'm using continuous read mode.

    First, when only one channel is…

  • AD7732 EVAL board timeout @ win7


    we've bougth the ad7732-eval board with RS232. We have an USB-rs232 converter.

    When opening the software we need to connect (reset) to the board.

    I get a "board timeout" when doing this.

    What did I do wrong?



  • AD7732有关通信问题

    技术您好,目前使用ad7732的过程中,进入了芯片资料中的 no data read 状态(如芯片资料中的图21)。想问下这种状态代表这什么,目前状态下如何正确进入连续通信模式?

  • AD7732 Extended Range to ±14 Volts?

    Looking at the AD7732 datasheet (page 31 – top diagram),  It looks to me like the ±10V comes from a voltage divider on each leg (108.5K in series with 15.5K to a common 2.5V reference). Hence a 0.125 divider per leg.  If we also connect the next leg (2R…

  • AD7732无法启动转换


    2、按照官方文档上的转换启动的说明,依次写入38H和40H对通道1启动单次转换(写入后再读Mode Register的值,确实是40H),但是好像启动不了,RDY引脚一直不变低。