• AD7731: FAQs

    1) On the datasheet I get the impression that the 'CHOP' variable affects the
    output rate of the sinc3 filter, and therefore the frequency response. So if SF
    = 512 and CHOP = 0, the response is as it is in the datasheet, but then setting…

  • AD7731 Communication Issues

    Hello all,

    I am pulling my hair out. I cannot get any communication from either of the 2 AD7731 ADCs I have.

    I am creating a new hardware rev of a  water sanitation system.

    The OLD hardware was AD7731 and Atmel128.

    New hardware is AD7731 and PIC18f45k22…

  • AD7731: Sinking Current

    1 - I cannot see, from the documentation, what is the maximum supply/sinking
    current on the digital pins (DIN, DOUT, SCK...) of the circuit. I wish to
    interface the AD7731 to th microcontroller board/bus with  optocouplers, but I
    do not know if…

  • Reccomendations for AD7731 replacement

    Hello all,

    Our design was initially using the AD7731 ADC (in 16bit mode). The design has been updated and no longer requires multiple differential channels.

    We now only require 1 differential channel.

    Any recommendations for a low noise ADC replacement…

  • Internal calibration of AD7731


    I have read through the datasheet and, I am not sure if the AD7731 should be disconnected from the analog signal when performing internal zero scale and internal full scale calibration.

    For example, channels 5 and 6 in full differential mode…

  • AD7731 via Arduino SPI

    We're using an Arduino to control an AD7731.  We think the SPI interface is working in that we can 1) trigger a reset by writing four 0xFF bytes and see the RESET pin go low via our logic analyzer and 2) After the reset, we read the Mode register and…

  • AD7731: Continuous Read Mode and Conversion Mode

    In our application the AD7731 does not stop "continuous conversion mode".
    Is it enough to write a 1/1  to RW1/RW2 into communication register?
    (The RDY_ pin signals a valid results always after 1,6ms(600Hz) - like during
    continuous conversion…

  • AD7731: PCB join analog and digital ground planes

    I am designing a PCB with 7 (seven!) AD7731 a/d
    chips and am not sure which is the best point or
    points to join analogue and digital ground planes.
    Is it:-
    a) one join at the 4th 7731 ?
    b) 7 seperate joins at each 7731 ?
    c) another way ?



  • ad7731用于多通道电子秤可行吗?


  • 51单片机采集AD7731信号问题求解?