• RE: AD7731 via Arduino SPI

    Hi George,

    Firstly, check your code against the "Pseudo-Code for Looping AD7731 Through Three Fully-Differential Channels", on page 36 of the AD7731 datasheet rev A.

    Confirm the mode register is programmed correctly by reading the register…

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  • RE: Internal calibration of AD7731

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • AD7731: sinking current

    1 - I cannot see, from the documentation, what is the maximum supply/sinking
    current on the digital pins (DIN, DOUT, SCK...) of the circuit. I wish to
    interface the AD7731 to th microcontroller board/bus with  optocouplers, but I
    do not…
  • AD7731 filter questions?

    1) On the datasheet I get the impression that the 'CHOP' variable affects the
    output rate of the sinc3 filter, and therefore the frequency response. So if SF
    = 512 and CHOP = 0, the response is as it is in the datasheet, but then…
  • RE: AD7731 Communication Issues

    Well, I received my SOIC to PDIP socket today and tested a SOIC AD7731 I had and it works as expected.

    So, either there is a problem with the PCB I created that shorted out or over volted the DIP parts, or, I received 2 bad DIP parts...

    Thanks for all…

  • RE: Reccomendations for AD7731 replacement

    I have moved this to the Precision ADCs community, someone here will respond to your query shortly.


  • AD7731: Continuous Read Mode and Conversion Mode

    In our application the AD7731 does not stop "continuous conversion mode".
    Is it enough to write a 1/1  to RW1/RW2 into communication register?
    (The RDY_ pin signals a valid results always after 1,6ms(600Hz) - like during
  • AD7731: PCB join analog and digital ground planes

    I am designing a PCB with 7 (seven!) AD7731 a/d
    chips and am not sure which is the best point or
    points to join analogue and digital ground planes.
    Is it:-
    a) one join at the 4th 7731 ?
    b) 7 seperate joins at each 7731 ?
    c) another…
  • ad7731用于多通道电子秤可行吗?