• AD7730L Peak-to-Peak resolution


    I'm DFAE in Japan, I have received a question about pead-to -peak resulution of AD7730L.

    AD7730L is reduced power consumption and used lower clock frequency from AD7730. The customer would like to know reason why is the peak-to-peak resolution…

  • AD7730L above 2.4576 MHz Clock Speed


    We are trying to evaluate the AD7730L for an application where we currently use an AD7730.  The datasheet implies that the AD7730L should be run at the lower 2.4576 MHz clock speed but the only explicit limits given are 1-5 MHz.

    Can we run the AD7730L…

  • RE: AD7730L failure

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

    Thank you,
  • AD7730: Using the chop mode

    We have used the AD7730L for some years now and are using the converter in
    chop mode, which gives us some problems with the frequences going through
    around the sampling frequence,  so my question is: Our weighing cycle is 2-3
    seconds but we only need…

  • AD7730: Increase in resolution

    I am currently using your AD7730 parts to interface directly to a 2mV/V strain
    gauge bridge with an excitation of 5V.  We would like to use this type of part
    for many reasons however,
    it is proving that the resolution achievable is not high enough…

  • RE: ad7730 interfacing problem

    Hi p_d,

         There is ADI wiki page that you may want to check. Please refer to the link below. There is a software driver for the AD7730. Although the driver was based from the AD7730 evaluation board. But this can serve as your reference. Hope this help…

  • RE: AD7730 incomming Data

    Hi Jellenie...

    it's 2 volts and 520millivolts, yes.

    But i have some questions:

    1. Data register is three bytes long, if i configure the chip for 16 bits which bytes should i read first two bytes or last two bytes ?

    2. Why zero calibration for…

  • RE: appropriate ADC evaluation board

    Hi Jovialjha,

         Below is the short list of Sigma delta ADC that possibly fit to your requirement.

         ADI Sigma-Delta ADC portfolio range from 8bit to 24 bit resolution. And these parts are available with their evaluation board and software, you can visit…