• AD7730: Increase in resolution

    I am currently using your AD7730 parts to interface directly to a 2mV/V strain
    gauge bridge with an excitation of 5V.  We would like to use this type of part
    for many reasons however,
    it is proving that the resolution achievable is not high enough…

  • Problems initiating calibration on AD7730

    I have a project about measurement weight and inertia. I have used ad7730 3
    items in the project. I couldnt calibrate them. I read PDF file many times. I
    check it. Can you send me short pseudo code for calibrate it.


    First check that you really…

  • AD7730: Using the chop mode

    We have used the AD7730L for some years now and are using the converter in
    chop mode, which gives us some problems with the frequences going through
    around the sampling frequence,  so my question is: Our weighing cycle is 2-3
    seconds but we only need…

  • AD7730: RDY signal not working

    I try to program the AD7730 according to the example on page 36-37 of the data
    sheet. The AD7730 is connected to a atmel at90s8535 microprocessor which
    programs the registers. If I connect the RDY pin of the AD7730 to a
    oscilloscope I dont see…

  • AD7730 with 2 channels

    Hello All,

           I want to interface 2 load cell with AD7730 IC using 2 differential input channel.I have some following technical questions:-

    1) Is there any limitations while using 2 channels with ad7730 IC??

    2) What is the max output update range when…

  • AD7730: Parallel port of the PC

    AD7730 is directly connected to LPT1 port of a PC.
    Din -> LPT1 :B0
    Clock -> LPT1 :B1
    Dout -> LPT1 :SEL INPUT

    All pins of AD7730 seem well connected.

    Problem is :
    1. We send 32 clocks with Din=1 to reset the part - Ok.
    2. We send   8…

  • AD7730: Can't get 24-bit resolution

    I can't 24bit resolution from this part at an output data rate of 50Hz. Why?


    At an output update rate of 50Hz, you don't have 24bits of resolution
    You can use the noise tables on pages 10 and 11 of the datasheet to predict…

  • AD7730 application question re 6-wire loadcell

    I have a question related to the AD7730 Bridge Transducer ADC. In our
    application we need to use both channels to connect two bridges of the same
    type, and both of the bridges are in a six-lead configuration. I have a
    question how to connect the…

  • AD7730: Required capacitance across the XTAL/ Resonator

    I want to use a 4.91 Mhz ceramic resonator from Murata, which has integrated
    capacitors, to earth of 15pF. How can I be sure, this will startup probably?
    What is the recommendation for the Xtal and related capacitors.


    The crystal or ceramic resonator…

  • AD7730: Matching between different gain steps/stages

    There was at least one important question left: How good is the matching
    between the different gain steps/stages (1,2,4,.. etc.) of the PGA for example
    in the 7730 or 7714.

    Concerning this topic you talked about some kind of application notes…