• AD7730 Replacement - AD7195

    What part would you recommend in place of the AD7730?


    There is no direct replacement, but the AD7195 could be used in place of the
    AD7730. It supports ac and dc excitation. The AD7195 is lower noise and lower
    current than the AD7730…
  • EVAL - AD7730EB Source Code

    I bought the AD7730 Evaluation Board, and want to controll the AD7730 directly by the computer.

    How could I get the source code of the AD7730 Evaluation Board software? Thanks.

  • AD7730:

    I have to realize an A/D board with four ADCs (AD7730). The input
    signals are in 0-10 mV range, and I need at least 14 bits of resolution
    or greater. I have built an evaluation board to test converters'
    performance, but I am not satisfied…
  • AD7730

    Hello All,

    I have spent the last month trying to get the AD7730 to work but have not gotten any data or response out of this device.  Following is a check list of what I have done so far,

    1. Hooked up 4.91MHz crystal oscillator with proper capacitor…

  • AD7730:Calibrate load cell using AD7730


        I am working on AD7730 (ADC) ic which is interface with controller to read load cell data. I just want to calibrate load cell. I have epoch load cell which has 2mV/V sensitivity and supply voltage is 5 V. The output voltage of load cell range…

  • RE: Wrong mode register value from AD7730

    Hi Kwan Suk Kim,

    Can you ensure that the AD7730 itself has not been damaged by connecting the eval board to the ADI software that accompanies the board.

    We have newer parts that are higher performance and lower power than the AD7730. Is there some…

  • RE: Advice on dealing with unbuffered reference inputs on AD719X converters

    Hi SM,


    The reference inputs of the AD7730 are not buffered. They are unbuffered as are the AD7190. However, resistance on the reference pins can affect performance since the inputs are unbuffered. On the AD7190, it is advised not to add resistance…

  • AD7730 with 3.3V signals

    Hi to all!

    I have an AD7730 device and i would to interface it with an microcontroller that work with 3.3 V logic level signals.

    Is possible to drive the AD7730 with 3.3V logic level signals?

  • RE: AD7730参考电压



  • AD7730和AD5420都是SPI格式通信的吗?