• AD7718_ Thermocouple Application

    One customer used AD7718 to sample the thermocouple's output. The signal chain
    is: Thermocouple + RC Filter + ADC.

    She tested AD7718, configuring the input as differential input, when she
    connected the two input to the GND, the output…
  • How to Calibrate the ADC AD7718


              I am working with the ADC AD7718 and interfacing it to 8051 microcontroller, i am able to drive the adc and receiving the converted data. Now I want to write the Auto calibration routine for the same please any one help me in this case.

    Thank you…

  • 5V voltage reference for the AD7718?

    My application requires converting voltages from (almost) 0 to 5V using fully differential probing. From the application sheet it seems like I need to use a 2.5V reference in order to cover the entire input range of the ADC?

    Somehow it seems that in…

  • Multiple AD7718 SPI configuration

    Hi everyone,

    I want to know if it's possible to connect two AD7718 as shown in the Figure 15 from AN-1248 App note. I am not sure if that ADC has a hi-Z SDO pin when inactive. The master device is a Raspbrrry Pi that controls both CS pins and reads…

  • Can you help me to connect Arduino with AD7718?


    I'm trying to connect the Arduino 2 board with the AD7718 using SPI interface.

    I have followed the configuration instructions of the AD7718 datasheet but the ADC does not response. The data in ADC input (DIN) is correct (I have checked with…

  • AD7718直流偏置


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  • RE: AD7708 sample code

    Hi Jerry,

    We do not have an available sample code for AD7708. Although, I have attached a sample code for AD7718 which is similar to AD7708. You may use this as a reference to start off with your code.

    Thanks and Best Regards,


  • RE: How run the EVAL-AD7718 board software?

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