• AD7714


    i have problem with AD7714, i receive random numbers...

    i attached my schematic file... are my schematics is true?



  • AD7714: FAQs

    I have a query regarding sampling an AD7714 ADC.

    I have three differential inputs and wish to sample these sequentially. My
    routines at the moment follow the flowchart on page 30 of the datasheet - but I
    perform 3 calibrations (each with different…

  • problem in ad7714

    Hi everyone

    It's my first time to use ad7714-5, i connect it as in the datasheet with 2.5 v reference, 5 v supply and 1 MHz crystal, when i power up the circuit the DRDY signal still high and therefore i cannot write any register command of ad7714 ,…

  • AD7714 output


    Hi ADI Engineers,

    In my board, Analog input feed to differential pair AIN1 and AIN2.


    Is it correct to say this? :


    when 0V, output = 32768


    when positive, output greater than 32768


    when negative, output less than 32768


    Thank you

  • AD7714 self-calibration


       I'm using the AD7714 to read voltages from two different channels. I read one, then the other, then back to the first one, etc. etc. This only works if I do a self-calibration before each read. If I don't, one of the channels (the channel which…

  • SPI Interface ad7714 - Atmega2560

    I have a STK600 with an Atmega2560 with ad7714.


    My program works fine when the driver for the communication with the ad7714 uses program controlled SPI handling of IO ports, i.e. without SPCR, SPDR etc. After a switch to the CPU - supported SPI Interface…

  • AD7714 REF IN(+) Current


    I'll design a 2.5V power supply for the reference of AD7714.  My spec is REF IN(+): 2.5V, REF IN(-): 0V and Ta=-5 degC~+50 degC.

    Could you tell me a current rating of the REF IN(+)?   1mA is enough?



  • AD7714: Saturating the I/P channel

    When the AD7714 is sampling data if the input on the AIN1 line exceeds 3.5V
    with reference to AIN6 the input line and also the output of the AD8555 will
    stay fixed at this voltage ( in both buffered and unbuffered mode), even if the
    input to the…

  • AD7714 acting very weird


    I'm using the AD7714 for a project at work and its acting very strange on me. Earlier this morning I had it working. I would use two channels and get valid readings off of both channels. Since then, things have gone completely down hill. With time…

  • AD7714 Output rate and DRDY


    I use AD7714 to create high-precision temperature sensor.

    I've a trouble with understanding of basic principles of AD7714 work.

    In datasheet I see, that Output rate = Fclkin (1MHz in my case) / 128 / code, where code = F0-F11 in decimal…