• AD7710: FAQs

    Where can I find the AD7710 evaluation board user guide and schematics, it is
    no longer on your website.


    See the attached AD7710 evaluation board user guide.

  • AD7710: Serial interface

    Sometimes the ADC AD7710SQ seems to start in an "unusual mode" after power up.

    The serial output bits are delayed by one serial clock cycle or the serial
    configuration input data are read or shifted one bit left (in advance).
    I use the…

  • Problems using AD7710

    Here's my circuit diagram. The purpose of using AD7710 is to measure the voltage of both PT100 and Rref. 

    The problem I met is that while it is possible and correct to read from and write to the control register, reading from  the data register is…

  • AD7710的DRDY引脚





  • Crystal for AD7710


    I read Datasheet. But we cannot find the description regarding Xtal.

    Could you tell me the recommended crystal forAD7710?


  • Problems with AD7710 clock

    Hi People!

    I'm trying to use AD7710 to acquire temperature value from PTC1000 with a wheatstone bridge. I connected the ADC with this configuration:
    My problem is with the crystal (MCLKIN and MCLKOUT). I use a 10MHz…
  • voltage drifting in AD7176 vs AD7710

    Hello All,

    we already used AD7710 with a very simple schematic as attached to read a pressure transducer output. Our board was a simple two layer PCB,without isolating digital and analog ground, no polygon, no low noise regulator for reference and no…

  • Channels reading mixed from AD7710

    Hello everyone,

         during my fiddling with AD7710ANZ AD converter part, I met some trouble with reading two channels from this part. When I use only one channel its everything OK, but when I want to use both channels, it seems like reading of channels…

  • Problem with Using 2 Analog Inputs of AD7710

    Hello, I am Using a single AD7710, to have an accurate Voltmeter and Ammeter.

    AIN1 is for Voltmeter and AIN2 for Ammeter.

    AD7710 is in 16 bit,Bipolar mode, Gain=1.

    Vbios=AGND=0V,      AVDD=5 V,     VSS=-5 V,     REF(+)-REF(-)=2.56 V,     DGND=0v,     DVdd=5V


  • 关于AD7710的操作模式问题

    RT,AD7710操作模式Read/Write Zero-Scale Calibration Coefficients和Read/Write Full-Scale Calibration Coefficients这两个模式中的 Zero-Scale Calibration Coefficients和Full-Scale Calibration Coefficients两个系数,更改他们有什么作用