• AD7709: FAQs

    the DS recommends (p. 25 of rev0) 10uF tantalum // 100nF ceramic. For
    availability, reliability  and size reasons I would like to avoid tantalum.
    What do you think of a 10uF X5R ceramic instead of the recommended combination?
    What if I add a maybe…

  • AD7709 interface problem


    I am trying to interface ad7709 to MC9S08GT16A, which is freescale micro controller, My SPI part is done very well I check it on DSO, but my ADC not get configured  and not revert any data to me.

    please help me for  ADC configuration method...…

  • AD7709: Clock source

    An answer to one question would be useful.  We have a 32768Hz source already
    on our board.  We are presuming that this can be fed straight into XTAL1 for
    the clock.  Is this correct?


    You can feed the clock source directly into pin XTAL1.  Pin XTAL2…

  • AD7709 SPI communication problem

  • AD7709: Clock higher speed

    Is it possible to apply a clock higher than the specified 32.768kHz? How far a
    variation does the PLL support, and how does the noise performance evolve? Any
    data you could have?


    The AD7709 is intended for use with a 32.768KHz watch crystal.…



    i use an ad7709 to measure thermocouple signal, and there is a problem:


    1. input channel:AIN1 and AIN2.

    2. use pseudo-bipolar mode.


    1. when i operated as follow process:

         hardware reset (use reset pin ) --> read first…

  • AD7709: Series resistors into RTDs

    The AD70 being obsolete, we plan to use the AD7709 and we have two questions :

    1) One pin of our RTD is connected to gnd, so is it possible to connect one
    resistor in serie with RL1 and one in serie with RL2 to achieve a min common
    mode voltage…

  • ADC Channel specs of AD7709

    I have a question about the ADC CHANNEL Specification of the AD7709. The Unit
    of the Full Scale Error is different for A Grade and B Grade. Is the value of
    0.75 "LSB typ" for the B Grade correct? Or is the correct Unit "% of Full …
  • AD7709 转换结果读取问题》


  • AD7709 - any guidance on selecting a 32 kHz xtal?

    The data sheet doesn't include any requirements on the 32.768 xtal.  Can ADI recommend a specific part?  Or provide guidance on allowable ESR for the xtal?