• AD7708 evaluation board software issue

    Dear Analog Devices, 

    I am using the evaluation board for AD7708 1BEBZ and running into some issues. When I start the evaluation board program software, I encounter an error message with error code 48, file missing parllio. I am using a USB to parallel…

  • About two rates of AD7708


    About the AD7708,

    Please let me know the difference between "update rate" and "conversion rate".

    Both "update rate" and "conversion rate" seem to mean f_ADC.

    <AD7708 Datasheet P29>


  • Crystal Oscillator selection for AD7708

    I don't see any specifics in the datasheet for the AD7708 regarding crystal selection, other than frequency.  Are there guidelines regarding tolerance, stability, and load capacitance?  Thanks.

  • AD7708 reference: ref195 or ref192?

    the AD7708 datasheet (rev 0) mentions & illustrates use of either the  ad780 or ref195 to generate the reference, all the while saying 2.5V....which seems to be a ref192 instead. this caught my eye as i've a need to convert unipolar signals that are…

  • AD7708的一些问题





    (1)差分输入满量程电压            正负1.024*refin*gain                 REFIN和REFIN1和REFIN2有关,REFIN=REFIN(+)-FEFIN(-)


    (2)AIN的绝对电压范围            Vmin  AGND+100mV  Vmax AVDD-100…

  • AD7708的负压问题


    AD7708 datasheet上说明模拟输入的范围是“ Analog Input Voltage to AGND . . . . –0.3 V to AVDD +0.3 V

    如果模拟输入引脚电压是 -0.7V,会损坏AD芯片吗?



  • the range of AD7708 's Vref?


    I connected  the Vref1+ to 5V, Vref1- to 0V in my sch.I found that the AD data readed from the AD7708 can not reach to 65525 when the input valtage is 5.000V.

    I have searched  the furom and found the Reply " https://ez.analog.com/data_converters…

  • AD7708 AINCOM使用问题


                      AD7708的AINCOM脚(All analog inputs are referenced to this input when configured in pseudo-differential input mode.)我的理解是:所有模拟输入时引用这个输入时配置伪差分输入模式。

                     四对共地的伪差分输入AIN1/AIN2/AIN3/AIN4的负端(AIN-)共用AINCOM脚? 不用每个差分对的负都接AIN么?也就是四对的话我只需要接四个正端 和…

  • About the Filter Register setting of AD7708


    In the single conversion mode of AD7708,
    if t_ADC is shortened by 80msec by the setting of Mode Register,
    Specifically, which period will be reduced by 80msec?
    Is it correct to understand that the period from when a single conversion is instructed…

  • 请问AD7708的Vref+能否连接5V

    1. 请问,AD7708的Vref+能否连接5V,Vref-连接GND,能否这样连接使用

    2. 实际项目采用了上面描述的参考电压,在使用中发现各个AIN为5V时,通过mcu读取的AD值,大约只能到达63790,而不是65535.