• AD7708



    INT8U channel2[10] = {0x0f,0x1f,0x2f,0x3f,0x4f,0x5f,0x6f,0x7f,0xef,0xff};  //0-10v==0-65…

  • AD7708: FAQs

    What precautions, if any, should I take to use external clock source instead of


    You can apply a 32768 Hz oscillator signal to the XTAL1 pin - see the input
    specifications on page 5 of the datasheet.
    The PLL should be able…

  • AD7708 and Arduino

    Hello All,

    Does anyone know if AD7708 can interface with Arduino using the SPI interface? Looking through the datasheet, other microprocessors are mentioned but the not the Arduino. Thank you!


  • AD7708: Update rate

    In this case,  I have to use ad7708 confidured as 315Hz to achive 20Hz reading
    for each channel in chop disable mode. But I have a doubt that, I'll confugure
    it as 315Hz o/p rate but will read it as 100Hz. If so how peak-to-peak

  • Linduino and AD7708 ADC

    Dear Analog Devices,

    Is the Linduino programming library compatible with the AD7708 ADC? 



  • AD7708 sample code

    Hello, Sir:

    Have any AD7708 sample code or initial code availabe on Website?

  • AD7708 absolute ratings

    Hello there,

    I have a question about the absolute ratings of the AD7708.

    According to the datasheet:

    AVDD to DVDD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . –5 V to +5 V

    Typically, in my design: the AVDD is a 5.7V and DVDD at 3.3V; within the…

  • AD7708 and ADUC848 crystals


    in our applications we are using 6pf and 12 pf watch crystals

    We don't recognize requirements for AD7708 oscillator. Have we to use a 6pf crystal, a 12pF one or we can use both without problems?

    Thank you for your help

    Andrea Gonelli

  • AD7708采集非线性



    输入电流 采集码值 递增值
    0mA 18
    1mA 1512 1494
  • AD7708 strange behaviour at cold temperatures


    Hello there,

    With the AD7708, we are experiencing a strange behavior with sudden changes of temperature.

    If there is a rapid cooling of the device down to -40 Celsius, it happens that a reading is completely erroneous.

    This behavior happened when…