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    INT8U channel2[10] = {0x0f,0x1f,0x2f,0x3f,0x4f,0x5f,0x6f,0x7f,0xef,0xff};  //0-10v==0-65…

  • About two rates of AD7708


    About the AD7708,

    Please let me know the difference between "update rate" and "conversion rate".

    Both "update rate" and "conversion rate" seem to mean f_ADC.

    <AD7708 Datasheet P29>


  • RE: AD7708 and Arduino


    The timing characteristics can be seen on page 9 of the datasheet. It also includes the maximum SCLK of 5MHz, that is 1/200ns for t6 and t7.



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  • RE: AD7708 sample code

    Hi Jerry,

    We do not have an available sample code for AD7708. Although, I have attached a sample code for AD7718 which is similar to AD7708. You may use this as a reference to start off with your code.

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  • RE: AD7708 and ADUC848 crystals


       In the oscillator circuit section of the datasheet, the AD7708 is intended for use with 32.768khz watch crystal or ceramic oscillator. 



  • About the Filter Register setting of AD7708


    In the single conversion mode of AD7708,
    if t_ADC is shortened by 80msec by the setting of Mode Register,
    Specifically, which period will be reduced by 80msec?
    Is it correct to understand that the period from when a single conversion is instructed…

  • Here we are attaching the bridge circuit as shown in figure:1 and the ratiometric measurement system using AD 7708 as shown in figure:2.We have checked the hardware for the ratiometric measurement as shown in the figure:2 schematic and separately for...

    We have captured the digital data from the ADC (AD7708) for 1V and got the corresponding results. When we gave bridge output to instrumentation amplifier and then amplifier output to ADC, got output corresponding to 1V and when we connect bridge output…

  • Crystal Oscillator selection for AD7708

    I don't see any specifics in the datasheet for the AD7708 regarding crystal selection, other than frequency.  Are there guidelines regarding tolerance, stability, and load capacitance?  Thanks.